LG G3 : Design and Usability

There is no doubt that the new LG G3 is a stunningly beautiful phone. Even though modern smartphones does look a lot like each other, some manage to stand out from the crowd. 

The first thing you see is that the whole front of the phone is covered by a continuous glass surface. Behind the glass, the screen occupies most of the real estate. Below the screen a metallic looking area contains the LG logo. Above The screen , one can just make out one speaker, a camera and some sensors.
What really differentiates G3 from the rest is that you can not see any buttons sticking out the sides. This is because they have been placed on the phones back panel, giving it an incredibly clean look.

On the back we find the impressive speaker, volume control, on / off button, the main camera and flash. I especially like that I can take a screenshot with the volume and on / off button without the need to use both hands.

LG G3 buttons placed on back panel

All the buttons are placed on the back of the phone

LG G3 interface

LG G3 has a very simple user interface compared to many competitors. The G3 runs Android operating system for mobile phones, but have not spent much time creating their own shell. If you do not think about it, this is something that can be interpreted slightly negative. Before you do though, consider the fact that those fancy good looking shells that some manufacturers uses also consumes a lot of battery and processing power. If you like a phone that lasts a long time on one charge and does not lag when used, this is something you really should applaud.

LG G3 comes almost free of bloatware

If you’ve ever tried a Samsung phone then you have definitely been seen a lot of bloatware. Bloatware is software or apps preloaded from the manufacturer. Cool some may say I would like to have free apps but remember that these apps takes up valuable storage space. What’s even worse is that they can not be uninstalled np matter how badly you want to get rid of them.
The only unnecessary apps I can find is an antivirus program from McAfee and cloud service from Box.

LG G3 does not scratch my pinky

This is how I end up holding my phones

After a few days of the G3 I no longer have pain in my pinky.

This was a strange thing to write, but it is actually one thing that has bothered me a bit with these big phones. Let me explain.

When using a modern phone with one hand, it has become so I let the phone’s bottom side rest on my pinky. That is also incidentally the spot most cell phone manufacturers choose to put the charging port. This is something that has made my pinky sore after long contact with the relatively sharp edges of the port.
LG G3 is designed so that my little finger does not rub against the charging port when I use it this way.
Thank you LG for thinking of my fingers.

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