Managing Google Location history

Big internet companies nowadays are implementing more and more observation software that are tracking your every move. We have seen this especially on Facebook. This may sound like a complete violation of personal space, it might not be. At least not the way Google does it. Note that Google location history and location reporting only applies to Android powered devices with Google’s services built in to it.

There is a separate guide that walks you through how to set up Location reporting and history for iOS powered devices. If you require more help and support from Google, There is a page that helps you with just that. There are perks and advantages to having Google Location History and Reporting enabled. For instance, you could trace or observe the location of your device and where it’s travelling to and from if you happen to have lost it or have it stolen.

Managing your google location history

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Google Location History & Reporting may be in use by any Google Services or Google App to improve user experience. Of course all the history and management is all associated with your Google account, like most Google features and services. When you have Location history enabled, Google store data that contains history of all devices that are connected to your Google account. You are able to turn off or disable Location history, but note that doing this won’t delete your history or turn off Location reporting; you will have to manually do it from Google’s History management page. You can easily disable location history by either disabling it from the site, or by turning off the Location service for your device. You can do this by going to settings and looking for the Location tab. This may be under the personal or networks tab of settings.

There are different modes enabled depending on your battery life. These modes include:

  • High accuracy
  • Battery saving
  • Device only


If you have Google’s apps and services installed on your device, head over to the Google Settings app, and head over to Account History > Google Location History > select the account you want to change/delete, and click on the Location history.  There will be an option prompted to you to Delete the Location history, tap that and you’re all done.

You don’t have to use the Google Settings app on your Android device, as there is an alternative way by doing it from the website Here. Log in to your Google Account. You can delete things like certain Location history logs from a certain date, or you could literally delete everything associated with your Location History. Select “Delete All History” to delete everything, or choose “Delete By Date” to delete certain history logs. You can even delete history from certain locations. Select individual location from the list, and choose to delete the certain location from the list.

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about Google’s Location history and Reporting. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes it’s a bad thing. There are some advantages to it, and disadvantages. You will have to try it out yourself to see where you stand. Stay tuned to for more upcoming guides and coverage of MWC in just a few short days.

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