Most credible Galaxy S6 image leak so far

An image of what can only be the soon to be announced Samsung Galaxy S6 has been leaked over at the xda forum.

Over the last couple of days we have seen quite a few supposed image leaks of the Galaxy S6. Most of them have been so called renders posted by case makers eager to get their cases out there for sale as soon as possible. A render is a computer made image made to resemble the real thing.

Most times these case maker leaks has turned out to be well educated guesses at best.

The image you are about to see is nothing of the kind. A user from xda developer forums has posted an image of a AT&T sample unit labeled not for sale. It’s kinda hard to make out a lot of detail as the device is partly covered in bubble wrap.

The person posting the images went on to say that it has a glass front and back and a metal frame.

Galaxy S6 leaks by xda

Image source : xda developers forum user reefur


The only other things we can say for sure from looking at these images is that the volume rocker is now replaced by two individual buttons. One for volume up and one for down.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly the home button seems to be bigger than what we got used to seeing on the Galaxy S5. Hopefully this is to accommodate a better fingerprint reader.

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