multitasking galaxy s3

How to switch between programs on the Samsung Galaxy s3

Among the many things that you can do on modern Android phones is the ability to switch between apps. Not very unlike the way that you change from one program to another on your pc or mac. This is surely a great way to boost productivity when trying to get something done on a phone.


Multitasking Galaxy s3

Press and hold home button

If you are running a program and hit the home button you are promptly returned to the homescreen. This doesn’t mean that the app that you where running is closed or terminated by Android Os. It will quite simply be running in the background ready for you to bring it back up at your convenience.

Multitasking on the Samsung Galaxy s3 is as simple as pressing a button. To get acces to the already running programs on your phone simply Press and hold the home button for about 2 second. When doing so you will se a list of the available programs to reopen.

Make note of the fact that the list may be bigger than the ones you see initially, to see them all put your finger on the screen of your Galaxy s3, now push or pull up and down on the sceen to scroll though them all.

When you have found the program you want to reopen press it and you will have opened the program you wanted.


Task manager, google search and trash can.

When you have accesed this screen a few other options are available.

Task manager Galaxy s3

Galaxy s3 task manager

To the right you can see a trash can. Press it to end all the running apps currently in your phones memory.

In the middle Google has put a short cut to Google search, So unless you have it on your home screen this will be the fastest way to acces search.

If you press the Pie diagram to the left on the screen you will go to the Galaxy s3’s task manager where you can research some more on the running tasks on your phone. You can see a list of the running apps on your phone and end the ones you want.

Also you can pull a list of all the apps installed on your phone. From this screen you can choose to uninstall or simply get more details on the individual apps.

Another handy thing is that you can see how much available RAM and storage remains on your phone. If your phone has been running slow lately you can even clear the RAM from the RAM tab. Just keep in mind that dooing so will end the apps and you will loose any unsaved data.


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  1. If you want to kill any pragram thats running in the background, the n after holding the home menu, when u see all the tasks, just left slide the tasks which you want to kill.

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