Nest thermostat available in US Google play store

Even though the Nest thermostat does not run Android Os we found it worthy of mentioning, seeing that it is highly related to the Android Os and even has a dedicated Android app.

Nest is a thermostat that automatically learns when you are away and lowers the temperature in your house to make you save big on your electrical bills. It was acquired by Google for around $3.2 billion. It remains to see if they are going to flip it like they did with Motorola, but we highly doubt it.

You can buy one right now at the Google play store for 249 US dollars. Mind you that it is so far only available for US customers.

Nest available in Google play store US

Nest now available in US Google play store

In addition to the fact that it will lower the temperature when you are not at home, it comes fully loaded with the option to override the settings at any time by using apps that you download to your smartphone. So if you forgot to turn of the heat before going on holidays or you want to adjust your air conditioner you can do so no matter where you are in the world.

How does it work.

After you have replaced your old thermostat with Nest, all you have to do is turn up the heat when you get home and turn it down when you leave. In a few days Nest learns your habits and starts to control the temperature without any more effort needed on your part.

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