nokia rises from the ashes with the Nokia N1 Android tablet

Just when we thought they were dead, Nokia announces their first ever Android powered tablet.

Thanks to a deal Nokia struck with Microsoft, we were never really given the chance to get a hold of an Android phone made by the former undisputed king of cell phones. Today however they gave us the second best thing. A Nokia tablet by the name of N1. Thanks to the sale of Nokias mobile division and the terms therein Nokia won’t be able to release smartphones until the year of 2016.

Nokia N1 image

The Nokia N1 looks a lot like the Ipad mini

Since the sale to Microsoft Nokia no longer has the capability to produce and sell products like this themselves. This is why Nokia has licensed their name to Foxconn which will produce and sell the N1 themselves.

may not come as a complete surprise that the company making the Ipad mini has now made a Nokia branded tablet that resembles the Ipad mini in quite a few ways. Only time will tell if Apple will stand for the likeliness or if we are in for another few years of lawsuits from the Cupertino giant.

 So what sets it apart from the competition ?

For one there is the Nokia Z launcher which enables you to bring forth a list of apps on the lock screen by simply scribbling the first letter in the name of the app. By making a F shape  the lock screen shows you a list of apps beginning with the letter F.

In terms of hardware there is another new thing that may interest you if you have ever tried charging your device in the dark. The N1 has been fitted with a reversible USB 2.0 connector. This means that you will no longer have to fiddle to find the correct way of inserting the charger into the tablet, as either way works. A feature I have wished for since phones was fitted USB chargers.

For more details on the N1 check out the official Nokia N1 website.


Final thoughts

Hopefully there is not much more than a year,  for all of us who have been waiting for an Android Os smartphone from Nokia. And no I don’t count the Nokia X even though it sported a heavily modified version of Android.

It will be interesting to see if future models from the Finnish company will have the same quality we got used to, even if they are not going to produce them in their own factories. Hopefully Nokia won’t sell their brand to the highest bidder, but make sure it maintains its high quality standards.

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