note 3 almost officially confirmed by samsung uk facebook page

Samsung UK has just put a new image on their facebook page that strongly hints at September 4th Galaxy note 3 announcement

Even though the page does not really say anything about what will be announced, the image itself strongly suggests that the next note will play a part of the unpacked event.

By the likely deliberate use of the word “note” in the image we think we can safely say that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will play a part in the event.

Galaxy note 3 likely to be a part of September fourth unpacked event


The Note 3 is rumored to come in at least two versions, where one has a quad core and the other has a octa core. Another rumor suggests that the Galaxy note 3 will come in a slightly cheaper third version made for emerging markets. It is also rumored that the device will have a 5.9 inch full HD screen and sport a 3450 mAh battery pack. The camera is said to be 13.1 mega pixels. Please remember that these are all rumors so take them with a pinch of salt.

Samsung is also rumored to announce the Samsung Galaxy Gear along with the new Note. The Galaxy Gear is possibly Samsungs new Android smart watch.

Sony Xperia Z1 to be announced the same day as the Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy note 3 octa core delayed.

Samsung Galaxy note 3 and Samsung Galaxy gear to hit stores in september and October.

If you are a UK resident Samsung is offering you a chance to win whatever is unpacked at the September fourth event. All you have to do is go to the Unpacked 2 facebookpage and hit that like button. You will find a link at the very bottom of this article.

win the content of Samsungs unpacked 2 event


Samsung unpacked 2 facebook page.


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