Opera MAX aims to compress all you data traffic

Opera MAX, the app that aims to compress all your data traffic has hit the  BETA phase.

If you use your phone for other stuff than making calls and sending texts there is a good chance you have heard of the mobile browser from Opera which compresses all the data you use when surfing the net on your phone.

Nowadays though more and more of the data traffic we consume happens outside of the browsers. Most likely the majority of your consumption happens through apps like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on.

This is where Opera Max comes into play. The app aims to compress all your data before sending it to your phone, thus lowering the number of MB you consume. This way you will download less data and in the process save money on your cell phone bill.

Opera Max US beta

Opera Max data savings


How Opera Max works.

Once the app is activated on your phone all non encrypted data requests are sent though Operas compression servers that optimize images, video and websites to use less data.

Opera is looking for US BETA testers.

If you match the terms listed below you can sign up right now to start testing this app.

  • Live in the US.
  • Have android device with 4.0 or above.

To get started head on over to the Opera Max Google+ page and join the community.

Once you have joined opt in for the BETA on the Google+ page.

Now download Opera Max.


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