Pressy gives your android phone a physical programmable button

Pressy is a kickstarter project that aims to give any android cell phone an extra physical button.

By inserting Pressy into your phones mini jack port you give your phone a physical clickable button.

Maybe  you wish your phone had a physical camera button or a way of starting your phones flash light without the need to search for the app in your menu. If so you should take a close look at this kickstarter project.

Pressy gives your android phone a physical buttonHow does it work?

To get your button up and running you will have to install an app that runs in the backgroud of your phone. When the button is pressed the app excecutes the action you have choosen for it. You can even select a different actions for how you press the button.

Some programmable actions are.

  • Take instant photo or video.
  • Start voice recording.
  • Change phone settings.
  • Turn on your phones flash light.
  • Check in to your favorite social media.
  • Record a phone call.
  • Send your current location
  • Close all running apps.

As an example you could set you phone to call your wife with two short clicks and turn on the flash light with one long click.

 Is it going to ruin the the way my phone looks?

Well this depends on how you feel about your phone having a 0.7 mm extrusion from it’s mini jack port. Let me just drop you some more pictures so you can make up your own mind .

e333f56ece2e710b916be2c57747d46c_large 250fd0e06505b7ec1017a486cf3c788d_largeLike most succesfull kickstarter projects this one has an informative and funny video that I suggest you check out. It will show you a few practical uses for the Pressy button that will make you want to back this project. Or if it does not, at least it should put a smile on your face.

The project also has it’s own webpage. Check out the Pressy website.

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