Pebble blue Samsung galaxy s3 spotted in store

Today I spotted the pebble blue Samsung galaxy s3 for the first time

And to say the least I was a little bit disappointed. I have been holding out for this color of the phone to get here because I think the white one is a bit to feminine. I was expecting some sort of dark blue but instead it in fact looks very much purple. And thus even less manly.

Due to some sort of production problem with this color of the phone Samsung has been holding it back and I am starting to wonder if this one of those versions with the “wrong” color. I mean, why would they call it pebble blue when it is in deed purple.

Pebble blue Galaxy s3

What color is it

So hopefully the one I saw was one of those meant to be sent back, and the fact that the store did not have it in stock certainly supports that claim. It certainly did not look anything like the one seen the You tube video leaked earlier this week. That one looked like it had a more gray metallic finish. A color scheme much more suited what I want in a phone.

The color is easier to see in the video I shot in the store. Also keep in mind that the color was even less blue in real life than it seems in the pictures and the video.


I have seen the phone in different lighting now and it looked a lot more like the stylish pebble blue that we have seen in the press photos. I suspect it was the lighting in the store that made it look purple :-)


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2 thoughts on “Pebble blue Samsung galaxy s3 spotted in store

  1. android5.1.1 samsung s3neo

  2. I’m not exactly sure what you seeing, but this phone looks about as blue as blue can be. Also, it looks pebble blue just as it is advertised. Maybe the lighting in the store gave it a purple hue, but all of the images I have seen for it reenforce the blue color.

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