s2 vs s3 mini

Should you get the Galaxy s2 or the Galaxy s3 mini ?

If you are looking for a mid range Android phone Samsung has a couple of good looking alternatives. So should you go for the Aging previously best cell phone, the gs2 or the newly released Smaller version of Samsung top of the line GS3, The Galaxy s3 mini.


s2 vs s3 mini

Galaxy s3 mini vs Galaxy s2



  • Galaxy s II.
The gs2 has the bigger screen of the two, with it’s 4.3 inches 480 x 800 pixels Super AMOLED pluss technology  the screen is both big and beautiful. If you want a phone with a big display this is definitely the phone for you.
  • Galaxy s III mini
This one has a slightly smaller screen with it’s 4 inches 480 x 800. If you like the size of the IPhone 5 but would rather have an Android phone I would take a closer look at this one. Actually the only reason I would pick the s3 mini over the s2 screen vise is if you think the s2 is to big.


  • Galaxy s II
I’m here to tell you that if you are all about functionallyty the gs2 lies good in the hand despite its big size. So if you want a phone that is big but not to hard to handle I would even pick the s2 over the s3 any day.
    • Galaxy s3 mini


Simply put this is the better looking phone of the two. If you face choosing between Galaxy s2 or Galaxy s3 mini and you want a phone that looks good in your purse the mini is the right way to go.


Gaming and speed


The truth of the matter is that the gs2 is still one of the fastest phones out there, whether you are looking to game those 3d titles that keep apearing for cell phones or you just want to make sure that your phone runs smooth in day to day use. The Dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 and the Mali-400MP fitted in the Galaxy s2 will outperform the Dual-core 1 GHz NovaThor U8420 in the mini. If you are anything like me you probably though that the s3 mini woud be miniature version of the s3. Sadly though it is a completely new phone. Its similarities end at the way they look.


Android Os


One reason for not picking  an aging device is that it will most likely pretty soon stop getting updates to the latest version of Android. The s2 is just weeks away from geting it’s official Jelly Bean update while the S3 mini will come with the latest version out of the box, and will probably be eligable to several updates before it is retired. While the older of these devises will likely not get any more official updates.




This is what it might come down to if you can’t deside between the two. None of the above are among the cheapest of Android phones. They do however look like good alternatives in the mid range group. The cheapest of the two are the Galaxy s2 from 2011. So if this is the deciding factor you should buy the s2.


Galaxy S2 or Galaxy S3 mini summary


If you think that it shines through that I think that the S2 is looking like the better phone of the two you are completely right. I think that the only two reasons that can justify buying a s3 mini is if you think the s2 is to big or if you think that is to ugly. If anything else weighs heaviest when you choose your phone you can’t get away from the fact that the aging s2 is still a great phone.


So which one would I pick in the battle of Galaxy s2 or Galaxy s3 mini ? Samsung Galaxy S2


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I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

One thought on “s2 vs s3 mini

  1. Md Yeasin Arafath says:

    As Galaxy S II already getting its update and you can get almost new from Amazon and ebay below 225 pounds so infact it is as good as S III as different of 3d playing game is less than couple of second slow but remember the price. And also this is the best phone Samsung ever sold if you think every aspect but what I hate is plastic feeling and ofcourse HTC desire hd is as better as Galaxy II if you don’t care about latest Android and it feels posh in hand as I like to hold my HTC desire hd. But Samsung s II what I hate is plastic feeling apart from that it’s a great phone. No point to go for s III unless u want very good display or want to spend much more just for little fast processor as we are not going to play 4d game.

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