Samsung ATIV Q the laptop that runs Android and windows 8

The ATIV Q is not the first laptop to run android and windows on the same device, but it might just be the first one that gets some sort of commercial success.
These days it seems that anything that Samsung has a hand in turns to gold. If this turns out to be the case with the windows-android laptop, the ATIV Q is a bit early to say but chances are good that this will be the best selling device of its kind.


Samsung ATIV Q

The ATIV Q has many modes of opperation

Due to the way it is hinged the ATIV Q has many different modes of operation.

  1. Lay the screen flat to use the device as a tablet.
  2. Pull the screen straight up to put it in the standing mode.
  3. Pull the screen up and tilt it down towards you to make it function like a standard laptop.
  4. Pull the screen up and away from you before you turn the whole thing around to make it look like a small TV.
Samsung ATIV Q in laptop mode

Samsung ATIV Q in laptop mode

Android windows laptop.

The ATIV Q has a Intel core i5 processor capable of running both Android and windows 8. The switch between the modes are virtually seemsless. If you are using the ATIV Q in windows mode there is a special tile you press to make the transition to Android Os 4.2.2.

If you are using the Android Os the device has a physical button you press that brings the windows mode to the front.

The best part is that the transition is virtually seamless and takes less than a second. Also worth mentioning is that you can pin Android Os apps to the windows Os, when pressed the ATIV Q automatically launches the Android app without any further work on your part.


Samsung ATIV Q in tablet mode

ATIV Q in tablet mode

ATIV Q price.

The price of a divice like this is always a big part of the equation. We all want the best gadgets we can get at as ow a price as possible. Last week we could read that a german retailer had put the ATIV Q up for pre order at the pretty steep price of €1,599. And just now we can see from that their price is £1,399.00.

If we convert that number to dollars we come up with a price of 2000 dollars plus. Whoa this laptop had better be good at that price.

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