Samsung Galaxy note 3 octa core delayed

According to ( source in Korean ) Via Sammobile we are now able to report to you that the Exynos 5420 octa core version of the Samsung galaxy note 3 will be delayed.

This due to overheating issues on the new chipset.

This does not mean that the note 3 will necessarily be delayed in your country. This depends on which version of the phone your country is getting. It is rumored that the Galaxy note 3 will come in two versions.

Samsung Galaxy note III

Is this the Samsung Galaxy note 3 ?

  • Samsung Galaxy note 3 with Exynos 5420. ( Octa-core )
  • Samsung Galaxy note 3 with Snapdragon 800. (Quad-core )

If your country is getting it with the Snapdragon 800 it is likely you can pick up yours by week 37 2013.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to ship in week 36.

The Note 3 is rumored to come in three color schemes. Black and white in week 37 at launch and pink in week 43. It is stil not sure if the pink version will hit stores outside Asia.

We are also eager to find out if these rumors pan out :

  • 3 GB RAM.
  • 13 MegaPixel Camera.
  • 3200 Ah battery.
  • 5.8 Inch AMOLED full HD screen.
  • For more rumors check out our Galaxy note 3 rumors article.


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