samsung galaxy s 4 rumors

surprise if Samsung releases a Galaxy s4 in 2013.With the galaxy s selling more than 24 million and the galaxy s 2 so far selling more than 28 million and now the galaxy s3 has in excess of 10 million units in preorder it won’t come as aIn fact I would bet a lot of money on it if I had the chance.

So What can we expect from the next flagship phone from the south Korean smartphone maker Samsung. The following information you should remember is at its best only rumors and hearsay.


The screen

With each new phone in the s series there has been a increase in screen size

  • Galaxy s       4,0 ” super AMOLED screen
  • Galaxy s2   4,3 ” super AMOLED plus screen
  • Galaxy s3   4,8 ” super AMOLED screen
  • Galaxy s4   5″ super AMOLED plus screen

    Samsung Galaxy s4Samsung Galaxy s4

Seeing that there has bee an increase in screen size in each new model I think it is a safe bet that the forth version will also have a bigger screen than the previous model. My guess is that the galaxy s IV will have a 5 inch display. Hopefully they can do this without increasing the size of the phone itself any more. It is a wish from my side that it will at least stay a lot smaller then the Galaxy Note.


OS Android

  • Galaxy s       v2.1 (Eclair), upgradable to v2.3
  • Galaxy s2   v2.3.4 (Gingerbread), upgradable to v4.x
  • Galaxy s3   v4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • Galaxy s4   v5.0 (K******)
I find it more than likely that the Galaxy s 4 will feature the newest version of the Android Os for smart phones if it hits the market in 2013. In any case it is almost certainly getting the newest version what ever that may be at the time of release.
  • Galaxy s       Single core 1 GHz cortex processor
  • Galaxy s2   Dual core 1.2GHz cortex processor
  • Galaxy s3   Quad core 1.4GHz cortex processor
  • Galaxy s4   Six core 1.6 GHz cortex processor
From the history of galaxy s smart phones series it seems likely that the next processor will also be a cortex. How many cores and at what speeds they will be clocked is less certain. My best guess though is that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 will have a Six core 1.6 GHz cortex processor. And likely the cores will clock down their speed to save energy when the phone is performing mundane tasks that require little of them.
Size and weight
  • Galaxy s       122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm. 119 grams.
  • Galaxy s2   125.3 x 66.1 x 8.5 mm. 116 grams.
  • Galaxy s3   136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm. 133 grams.
  • Galaxy s4   135.9 x 70.8 x 8.8 mm. 140 grams.
My prediction is that the Samsung Galaxy s 4 will become slightly shorter and a little bit wider. This to accommodate a 5 inch screen, to make this happen they will have to cut down on the frame around the screen to make place for it in the slightly shorter frame. The weight will probably go up a little because Samsung will have to put a bigger battery to keep up the time the devise can stay on with the increased screen size.
  • Galaxy s       1500 mAh Li-Ion.
  • Galaxy s2   1650 mAh Li-Ion.
  • Galaxy s3   2100 mAh Li-Ion.
  • Galaxy s4   2400 mAh Li-Ion.
Unless some kind of new battery technology becomes available in the coming year it is likely that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy s4 will become bigger in size and in how much juice it can store. My guess is that the battery will be a  2400 mAh Li-Ion battery made by Samsung themselves.
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UPDATE : According to Korean times the Galaxy S4 will be announced in February 2013

UPDATE : Galaxy s4 release date confirmed for March 14th.



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33 thoughts on “samsung galaxy s 4 rumors

  1. Samsung Galaxy S IV leaked today, hot news!!!

  2. My revised wish list for the Galaxy S4:

    1. Full screen, full front 5″ OLED screen – hard button at bottom as per usual.
    2. 3000 to 4000mAh battery
    3. 2GHz or above Quad Core CPU
    4. 4GB of RAM (as the S3 just got a 2GB upgrade)
    5. Titanium / Carbon fiber case
    6. 8MP Camera that performs better than the Nokia Luma 910 win8 carlzeis lense etc
    7. Clean droid installation

    If the Galaxy S4 looks something like any of these, it would be a show stopper for me:



    and the OMG I want one now! no 4:

  3. Update me as to when the galaxy s4 will com out ,and what carrier will get it first thank’s my Email
    Ryan McGanty

  4. The s3 has dual core S4 processor.. Do some research before posting dawg.

  5. The S3 and the Note 2 have great specs. I can only hope that the S4 is announced before I make a decision and get one of the two.

  6. 6 cores! my thighs will burn with such machine in my pocket!
    i even underclock my gs3 cus i hate it getting warm.

  7. Processor would be Quad core Cotex A15 ….

  8. The new S4 should have XM built into it. Satellite radio and not the XM app that relies on the internet. The next android OS 5 will be nicknamed “Cheesecake”.

  9. I really doubt the fact that its gonna have 6 cores… They can just increase the performance? It can still be 4 cores but 2.0GHz.. And the screen size.. My opinion is that is will not exeed 4.9′.. Having a large screen is not comfortable… If u want a tablet than buy a tablet, galaxy nexus 7 is pretty cheap compating to ipad prices even though they a have same performance..

  10. In fact I would bet a lot of money on it if I had the chance.

    William Hill in the UK. Speaking as an ex employee, if they think they have a good chance of taking your money, they WILL take that bet.

    (Current favourite that i have seen listed, is what exact date will be judgement day, and that is legit, i shit you not)

  11. Nice article!

    By the way – Android 5.0 will be called Key Lime Pie

  12. I would like to see:

    1.8GHz or above
    3000mAh+ battery (already exists)
    OLED 5″ HD display becoming the full front of the phone (maybe lip of 1 or 2mm)
    1 to 2GB of ram
    8mp camera, enhanced lense, quality and speed
    Pure droid OS no alterations from samsung (maybe on camera app only however)
    The latest sensors aiding in GPS and phone orientation

    Down to google, but better system management and application management for enhanced battery performance.

    1. No more rounded sides like the S1 and S3, these models are about as hard to hold on to as wet bar of soap. The screen is rectangular, make the phone rectangular just round the corners a little. This would be epic on full front OLED screen mobile.
    Current S1 and S3 designs often when taking a picture ends up with the phone taking some flying lessons. Maybe even key rubber grib points on the sides to prevent this.

    2. Rear cover to be metal (extra weight is not an issue). Make the phone feel strong and stable.

    3. Phone size reduced a little from the S3 as OLED screen will be the full front of it with 1 or 2mm lip.

    I have an S1, I was going to get the S2 but thought I will hold out for the S3, but I saw the S3 had rounded sides and held it and almost dropped it a few times so I decided against it. Then friend got one and I tried it and dropped it taking a photo (it didn’t break). Now looking at the Huawei Ascend D quad instead. But if the S4 has the above stats and more, I will def’ be upgrading early.

  13. The author doesn’t know what he/she is talking about.

  14. Hi there, it has been an interesting post because naturally fans would wanna play the guessing game. I have been using s2 for a year now and apart from some very small disappointments, all in all it was the best investment i have ever made.

    My wish list:

    quad core 2ghz processor
    5″ edge to edge lcd screen without increasing the dimensions too much
    weight should be below 140 grams
    2500mah detachable battery
    wireless recharging
    12MP no-delay 1080p camera
    512gb micro sd card support
    128gb storage
    2gb ram
    built in gps software
    carbon fiber body

  15. I hope that the size will be in between s2 & s3. s3 is to big for a smartphone.

  16. SGS S4? Dual/quad (not sure what to think about infrastructure) processor version at arround 2.0-2.2Gh. 2/4GB RAM. 4.8″ Super Amoled+ HD(3D). 2400-2800mAh Li ion battery. 12 mp HD 3D camera. Next generation NFC capabilities. Improved Wi-Fi charging. New A.I. interface. Biometrics. All that and more i would love to see ;)
    As far as i-Phone is concerned, by the end of next year, the whole Apple will either rott or like Microsoft, be fetching mail for Google :)

  17. Joshua Martin says:

    The Galaxy S IV will not feature a six-core processor. It’s more likely to use the dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 processor. (Exynos 5250) or the more unlikely Exynos 5450 (quad)

    Can we be realistic? 1080p definitely seems like a reality though, so does 5″. HTC already has a 5″ 1080p screen phone in the works.

  18. i hope that the retards at apple dont win and get what they want and ban most or all droid devices just cause they are jealous that there crappy iphones arent selling nearly as well as droids do well cant wait to get the galaxy s4 or i was thinking another sony i miss my old xperia and please if apple does get there way i ask DO NOT GO WITH MICROSOFT AND THERE JUNK OS please

  19. S4, They should really make the phone smaller in size. S3 itself its pretty huge, so hard for me to carry it. 4.0 4.3 at the most would be ideal size for the next version. Also by making screen size smaller they should attempt to make the battery life better.

  20. I will give you my opinion on your thoughts about S4:

    *-Galaxy s 4 5″ super AMOLED plus screen

    I don’t think they will reach the psicological barrier of 5″ for the screen. Samsung already have the Note’s, between 5-6″ screen. I think they will keep the 4.8″ screen of the S3. They will tend more for making the entire phone around the screen, without borders so, having the same screen size, it’s smaller. Of course, more resolution and HD should be the base.

    *-Galaxy s 4 v5.0 (K******)

    Fully agree with this. We will always have the last OS in the samsung flagship.

    *-Galaxy s 4 Six core 1.6 GHz cortex processor

    Disagree. Unless giant-size jumps in technology in the next 9 months are made, i doubt there will be 6c processors for mobile until near 2014. I bet for a 4core chip, tuned at between 2 and 2.2 Ghz, maybe reaching 2.5.

    *-Galaxy s 4 135.9 x 70.8 x 8.8 mm. 140 grams.

    According to my thoughts in the screen, the s4 full size would almost match the entire screen size. It would only have a bit of space upside for the frontal screen, sensors, and so on. I would also bet for some for sensors in the frame outside the screen for near-touch detection.

    *-Galaxy s 4 2400 mAh Li-Ion.

    I hope that graphene batteries will be ready for the next year, but it’s a bit optimisthic. If not, i bet for the same as you say, but made to be similar in size and weight to the s3’s. Energy efficiency will be the destiny until this new graphene batteries are ready.

    In other terms, things like the camera and such are not very important for a phone, but i bet a 12mp HD-3D camera, with lots of stuff to make good shots. The general line of the phone i guess will be like s3’s. 32gb and 64gb versions should be the most common ones, maybe boasting the first-to-know phone to reach 128gb by that time. external memory card slot will be, i am completely sure, SDXC up to (estimating develop times) 256gb.

  21. Please Wireless charging, and the screen is big enough. Battery technology is lagging. More battery life out of the same size battery in the same size phone. Active dual sim also. 12MP Camera!!! And whatever high res screen they have at the time. They are my demands!!!

  22. thought samsung galaxy s3 would have corning gorilla glass 2

  23. i think SGS IV should have a non PenTile display (probably super AMOLED plus HD) with the same 720*1280 resolution rather than more resolution PenTile display display.

  24. Wish Samsung would finally get rid of the central physical button.

  25. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. A six core phone? We’re just barely into six core PCs.

    You’ll get the Exynos 5450 Quad Core with a Mali T658 GPU.

    Bank on it.

  26. well I am due for an upgrade around march, of 2013, if that happens, bet on it, that I will get that phone too, lol but the screen is a bit to big, lol I had to push myself to get the s3 because of how big the screen is, but all in all it it awesome, I just need to learn how to elongate my battery life.

    • I will be writing an article on how to make your battery last longer here on in reasonable time. Maybe some other readers has some tips for you until it is done.

  27. My wishlist would include lots however common sense makes me think the S IV will remain a quad core though probably faster – perhaps up to 2.0 GHz and I would also expect it to have LTE worked out and the screen with a higher density ppi. I would not expect a hexa core processor, but I would expect a removal battery and back cover in the same or slightly larger form factor. Would be nice to have 802.11ac supported and a larger capacity battery though might be a bit early for the 11ac spec.

  28. I just hope they dont make it look like a cheap plastic phone like s 3, which i hated the most, and yeah 5″ i think would be too huge, but lets see whats in store, it is expected to launch around April 2013.
    With jellybean OS i m pretty sure it would be iphone killer.
    P.s. I own blackberry bold 3.
    twitter @imdnextbuffet
    bbpin: 236fb59a

  29. It should have the Cortex-A15 CPU Exyno 5250 processor (2GHz) – but this depends on how many cores (probably only 2 or 4). It would also have the ARM Mali-T604 GPU. This should be a great phone and should also have a full 1080p HD screen – which will be great if they can keep it 4.8in. Maybe Gorilla Glass 3 and there bendy screen tech as well.

  30. If you have any expectations wishes or rumors about the Galaxy S 4 I hope you will share your thoughts in this comments form :-)

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