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Update : Galaxy s4 just got announced. Read all about the Galaxy s4 right here. plus when the phone will hit the stores.

If you think samsungs flagship phone is the best cell phone there is you are probably very excited to hear what the S4 will bring. No word has been heard  from Samsung regarding the more than likely release of the successor to the galaxy s3. A few rumors and speculations has been heard around the block though.

In this post I will talk about what we want and hope that the next Galaxy s cell phone will give us.



The Galaxy s line of phones has always been good looking phones if you ask me, however there has always been a little bit missing from making them the best looking. Just have a look at the unibody HTC legend made from a single piece of aluminium to see that there is better looking phones out there.

That beeing said I think the best way to predict what the next Galaxy s device will look like is to have a look at the previous models. Since all of the above has been made from plastic I think it a safe bet to say that the Samsung Galaxy s4 will probably be plastic as well. Hopefully I’m wrong about this though.

When it comes to the size of the phone we have seen a steady increase since the beginning of the galaxy s lineup saw the light of day and I think that this trend is more than likely going to continue. Personally I think that the perfect size was achieved with the second version. Even though I have fairly big hands the s3 is sometimes a little cumbersome at times, especially when used over long periods at a time.

When it comes to it’s specs in terms of weight I think most of us could live with a heavier device especially if this comes from a battery that can last a couple of days even during heavy use such as gaming or video watching.


Samsung galaxy s4

Samsung galaxy s4


Much has been said about the size of a phones screen lately. My initial thought on this is that the bigger the better, however when the screen size makes the phone size go beond what is comfortable to hold in your hand over long periods of time most of us would probably agree that a line has to be drawn at some point.

Seeing how the size of the Galaxy s lineup screens has grown from one model to another I find it more than likely that the S4 will sport a 5″ screen. As long as Samsung can find a way to do this without increasing the size of the phone itself I hope this will be the case. I would love if my next new cell phone had a full inch bigger screen than the IPhone 5.

It seems likely that this will be the first Android phone from samsung to sport a 1080P full hd screen. And that it will be a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. It also seems likely that it will have Corning Gorilla Glass to protect it from scratching.



This is one thing I think we can all agree on, the Galaxy s4 will of cource come with the latest installment of the Android for smartphones Os. Whether this will be 4.1.1 Jelly bean or the next version, likely to be called Key lime pie, only time will show. This will depend on when the phone will be released.

Hopefully Google will release Android 5.0 within reasonable time, increasing the chance of the Galaxy s IV being delivered with Android 5.0.

If anyone feels the urge to post in the comments section that this phone will come with Ios, please don’t.



I have previously stated that I think this cell phone will come with a six core processor, I now see that this probably wil not be the case for several reasons. Seeing that the last Galaxy s phone had a Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex CPU I think it more than likely that the next one will have a quad core just like it’s predesessor.

Hopefully it will be clocked at a higher speed, but more importantly it will consume less energy so we can play with it for longer periods of time without charging it.

Seeing that the newly released IPhone 5 surpasses the previous galaxy s phone I hope that it will at the very least beat this one when it comes to rendering high quality games. Surely the processor would have to be a good one if it is to render images in full HD 1080P.



To be able to utilize our phones for longer periods of time we will hopefully soon see some revolutionary new battery technology. While we wait though the best we can hope for is that Samsung puts a bigger battery in this one. Not that these phones has had poor batteries compared to the competition, but I would love to get a bigger one.

If this means that the phone will have to bee slightly thicker and heavier so be it.

Hopefully this one will come ready for wireless charging out of the box, unlike the S3 who has still not to date gotten the necessary hardware to get it done.



When will the Samsung Galaxy s4 be released ? It was earlier thought that it would be released in may 2013 and this is still my best guess. However was later  leaked that the S4 would likely be announced at next years mobile world congress in Barcelona. This would put it at just 9 months after the release of the S3. This was later denied by Samsung officials as they would be it true or not. I guess Samsung would not have people put of buying the s3 just because the s4 was just around the corner.

This concludes my hopes and dreams about this phone. If you are interested in reading more about this soon to be the best cell phone in existence check out the following articles:

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