Samsung Galaxy s4 update

How to update your Galaxy s4 to the latest Android Os version.

One of the best things about the Android Os is the fact that it is constantly evolving.

This means that the cell phone makers from time to time makes available new updates. This ensures that you can hopefully get access to newer Android Os versions for your cell phone.

To ensure that you are always getting the most from your phone be sure to check for updates once in a while.

Samsung Galaxy s4 connecting to Samsung servers

Galaxy s4 connecting to Samsung servers

Before you update a word of warning.

A word of warning before you get started. In some rare cases you can actually lose your data when updating your phone. To make certain that you don’t lose any important data you should backup the things to valuable to lose. Personally I have never lost anything even though I have updated many phones many times but remeber the old saying, better safe than sorry.

Check out our backup Android contacts tutorial and the backup Android pictures tutorial.

How to update the Samsung Galaxy s4.

  1. Turn on your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Unless you are on a data plan with your carrier you should use Wi-Fi or get ready to recieve a big bill for data usage, as updates can sometimes be very big.
  2. Once connected head on over to the settings. It can be found among your apps.
  3. Next push the more tab in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. At the bottom of the next window hit the About device button.
  5. Here you will find the Software update tab. Press it.
  6. Press the Update button.
  7. If this was useful why not

Your phone will now connect to the Samsung servers and check if there are any updates available for your phone. If there are any you simply have to follow the on screen instructions. If no updates are available at this time you will get a message saying : The latest updates have already been installed.

If no update was available it is worth noting that sometimes the new version is made available sooner if you update your phone through Kies from Samsung. So if you had no luck with this approach you could check out our how to update the Galaxy s4 with Kies. ( a computer with an Internet connection is required.)

Galaxy s4 update

The latest updates have already been installed

Why should you update your Galaxy s4 ?

The reasons for upgrading your cell phone to the latest firmware version are many.

One of the most important ones is that there are always someone trying to hack and take advantage of other peoples phones. As Google and Android discovers how they do this those holes are closed as quickly as possible. If your phone is not running the latest version you are not taking advantage of this. For details on the latest version check out

Most Android Os updates also come with a host of new features, and most times both visual and performance enhancements. So if you want your S4 to look as good as it can and be as smooth and fast as it can possibly be, update your phone today.

There really are no drawbacks as long as you remembered to backup your contacts and photos before you started.
For more tutorials check out our Galaxy s4 tutorials section.
Or go directly to one of the more popular ones right here:

If you would rather see a video of how to check for the update I have included it right here:


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80 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy s4 update

  1. hi I like tu use my Galaxy s4 but I need somme help that I loose my connecting frome my phone Galaxy s4 WIFI and BLUETOOTH haw can I get bag please I need somme help

  2. The new update sucks….white background makes it harder to see. The contact log is very bad as well. Someone in Samsung needs to get fired with this new update….I wish there was a way to change it back to the old setup.

    • I completely agree. I just lost my Samsung s6 active but had dupped into pushing a new update just before and boy was I shocked at how much I disliked my phone after that update. Bad on so many levels.

  3. Hi
    For late
    I am using Galaxy s4 with
    Android version 4.4.2 kit kat
    I need to update my phone
    But unfortunately my phone denied to update it says” the latest update have been installed already ”
    But others are allowed upto5.0.1 lollipop
    So can u help me
    I need up to the limit 5.0.1

  4. Zohaib Siddiqui says:

    I have Samsung S4 I9505, but when I went to about device, but there is no option for Software Update. I have android version 5.0.1. Any suggestions?
    I also wanted to know what is the android version comes from factory.

  5. am updating the system of my galaxy s4 (software update) and i wish to transfer updated system of my galaxy s4 to another galaxy s4 by sharing an easy way . can i?

  6. It is ‘lose’ – not ‘loose’! ARGGHHH! (from the grammar police)

    • Let’s not get too picky about this. I daresay that if you were writing something in a language that was not your first (I surmise that Bertil Hansen in not a native English-speaker), your grammar would not be anywhere near as good as Bertil’s.

      Chill, sister.

      • Thank you for sticking up for me. I am in fact not a native english speaker as you say. Hopefully people found use in my article despite my grammatical errors.
        Anyways, I have corrected the error.

  7. I was outside, auto update started over my 3g connection, I clicked ok as it was bugging me. And when it was complete upgrading to Android Kitkat; then I discoverd all my personal data, notes etc. were gone, including many of my necessary data which earlier I saved in Samsung-Note app.

    This happend even when I turned off my Settings > Device > Software Update > Auto Update un-checked. Update on wi-fi was checked.

    Is there a way to stop auto-update of OS ?
    Is there a way to stop loss of data while auto-update of OS?

  8. The software update overwhelmed my phone, it constantly came on screen wanting me to proceed; even though I liked what I had. Until I accidentally hit the wrong button and installed the update. The behind the screen improvements might be nice, as I really could care less but appreciate. And the updates have not significantly impacted my use of the phone so far.

    However, Quite frankly, I am not impressed with the screen layouts of the upgrade at all. I do not want the quick update screens on the top level screen. I will get them when i want them, but I don’t seem to have any choices. It looks childish in the color schemes and lacks the professionalism I use my phone for. This will impact my decision to purchase another Samsung.

    Samsung seems to be going to thinner (less sturdy), more gawdy (stupid looking screens) and cheaper cost. I expect a sturdy, thcker quality product for my business use and they are going the opposite direction. I guess it is time to check out the competition!

  9. Crazy Greyhound Lady says:

    My Samsung Galaxy S4 updated its self. It’s awful, I hate it, I can’t see anything due to the (vile and insipid) colour scheme, the phone keeps overheating and I want the update removed. I took it into Carphone Warehouse to ask if they’d remove the update and the assistant merely argued with me. I didn’t agree to a contract with my phone looking as it is now and I would have chosen a different phone had the phone looked like this initially. I need this disgusting update removed now.

  10. Why wont my software update?? Does anyone know???

  11. Deborah Manning says:

    I do not like the current update. I don’t like the calendar at all.

  12. i update my galaxy i s4 in software update.butt i don’t,t like this i want my default software what should i do?/

  13. Hello,

    I have updated my Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 from Kitkat To Lolipop but one sim card is not working it’s detecting but there is no voice or sound any suggestion?

    Thanks & Regards

  14. where are my wigets?

  15. Hate to be “that guy”, but people should really know the difference between the word loose and lose.

  16. I got the update, but now my s4’s data isn’t working. My phone will connect to wifi and my apps and browser will work, but only connected to the wifi. If im not connected to the wifi, its not working. my data is turned on too. I need help getting my data to work.

  17. Emma craven says:

    I have updated my Samsung it said I have a message but when I click on it doesn’t show anything tried all my messages but nothing, I have tried to turn of and on still nothing please help

    • I have the same problem! All my apps and everything on the phone is slow to work after the update, but as of today, I can’t see my new messages – they just are nowhere to be found!

  18. It’s been over 4 hours and mines isn’t finished yet. If I’m gonna have to wait any longer then the update better be worth it.

  19. i have one s4 GT19295 MODEL …LOG TIME SOFTWARE ..still show samsung …………….loong time……. 4 …hour..still not finish… plz help …………………….

  20. Updated my firmware on my S4, now it won’t recognise my SD card and it keeps rebooting itself randomly. Really disappointed I was really happy with it until now.

    • My sd card won’t work either and freezes and turns off often (which didn’t happen before).
      And photo frame widget will not work.
      Sucks I love my phone

      • I’ve been having the same problems! My phone is so slow now and my gallery either freezes or doesn’t recognize my sd card! Everything was perfect before, this sucks! My battery also dies a lot faster than before. Update needs a bug fix ASAP!!!!!!

  21. i also use origanal s4 but when i check fo the update version the result is your system have been edited and system update is cnt process.what i should do to change back original android from samsung

  22. I bought new samsung galaxy S4, when i am trying to update a software it shows “Process failed” i tried with internet asual as Wi-Fi but same popup comes. I have purchased this mobile through rediff shop.

  23. Hi.I have S4 and its android version is 4.2.2,whenever I want to update it with its software uptdate, I get the message saying:”The latest updates have already been updated”,eventhough the latest update is 4.4.2..what is the problem and what should I do?….thanks alot

  24. Akmaliza Ali says:

    Hi. I have a Samsung Galaxy s4 and had software update and reboot since last night. However, I could not switch it on this morning. Is that common? Does it take a while before I could use my phone after software update? I have never used Samsung before so I am not sure about it. Thanks

  25. Galaxy S4 Active owners can now celebrate, as their devices have received the head nod from AT&T to begin updating to Android 4.4 KitKat. It’s taken a while, but updates are always better late than never. Am I right, HTC One X and One X+ owners?

  26. Hi there. I have a problem with my S4. As soon as I plug it into my desktop via usb to have it charged, it connects as media device and
    disconnects with this message, “The dock is connected” on a different home page, continuously.
    It started happening a few days ago, don’t know if it could have been a certain update ? Do you know what it could be ? Do I factory reset it ?

    • You really should not use your computer to charge your phone. Much better if you plug it into the power grid to get your battery charged. It’s better for the battery and it charges a lot faster.
      As for your problem I really can’t think of anything that would cause this.

      • AubieGurl82 says:

        Billyanalog that is smart advice. I thought I was a dumb droid user but I see Drikus Nel has me beat!
        Billyanalog-here is my story and I need some valuable advice please and thank you in advance for any help you have to offer me with my lengthy problem. REMEMBER!!!! I AM A HONEST DUMMIE when it comes to computers, software, downloads, and the so called “SMART PHONES.” So my story begins.
        I had (still have)an iPhone 4, but was tired of Apple making me pay, via iTunes, for most of the apps and music I wanted. Best Buy was running an awesome Black Friday sale (November 2013). I had been wanting a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (waterproof, gorilla glass, and free music and apps)and BEST BUY advertised this phone “FREE” with a 2 year contract. I have been a loyal AT&T Cell Phone customer since 1998 and have remained with them through all of its name changes over the past 16 years. It was time for my AT&T upgrade; and seeing “FREE” I figured I’d better head to Best Buy immediately before the sale ended. Heck, a FREE GALAXY S4 ACTIVE vs the iPhone which has a screen that easily breaks and is far from being waterproof; without the purchase of an Otter Box. Apple makes iPhone customers utilize iTunes, which charges hefty fees, in order to download apps, music, etc. to their phones. I had previously contacted Best Buy to get a price quote if I decided to trade in my iPhone. My iPhone was and still is in excellent condition, so $150.00 was the price I was quoted to trade in my iPhone 4. In addition since it was “The Black Friday Sale” customers also were to receive a $50.00 Best Buy Gift Card just for purchasing a Samsung cell phone. I called Best Buy to make sure they had a Samsung S4 Active and was told yes. I rushed to Best Buy to trade in my iPhone and obtain the Samsung S4 Active, that I had been wanting, and it seemed to be the PERFECT time; FREE, $50.00 FREE BEST BUY GIFT CARD, $150.00 JUST FOR TRADING IN MY IPHONE, WATERPROOF, GORILLA GLASS, FREE MUSIC/APP/ETC DOWNLOADS!!!! Only to be told once I was seated at the customer cell phone purchasing desk, with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active sitting on the desk right in front of me. This phone had been retrieved from the lockers, behind the cell phone sales counter, by a sales associate that ended up not being the sales person that assisted me. I was the told the ACTIVE had been recalled and that ACTIVE could not be sold to me. I would have to get the Galaxy S3 or S4. I was pissed off. I explained everything to the sales person that I have previously mentioned in this comment. To bring an end to this story I was only offered $50.00 for trading in my NEAR PERFECT CONDITION iPhone, not $150.00 (I still have my iPhone), I did not receive a $50.00 gift card because I was receiving a FREE phone, yet I had to sign a 2 year contract, then to top things off the sales person just about twisted my arm into making me purchase GEEK SQUAD PROTECTION INSURANCE for the new phone and she lied to me stating IF the GORILLA GLASS SCREEN WAS TO BREAK then just purchasing the GEEK SQUAD PROTECTION INSURANCE for ONLY $9.99 a month would pay for replacing the broken screen with a new one. She also stated this insurance paid for fixing and repairing anything that the Samsung 1 year warranty didn’t cover. She stated I could cancel this at anytime after 30 days. I agreed. I dropped my Galaxy S4 on the carpet 2 days after purchasing this. I took my phone back to Best Buy and I was highly aggravated because the GORILLA GLASS SCREEN BROKE FROM DROPPING IT ON THE PADDED CARPET!!!! I dropped my iPhone continuously and the screen never broke and it didn’t have GORILLA GLASS!!! WTH!! I didn’t worry too much because I knew the GEEK SQUAD INSURANCE I HAD PURCHASED WOULD REPLACE MY SCREEN AND ALL I HAD TO PAY WAS THE FEE OF $9.99 A MONTH FOR THIS PROTECTION PLAN. I made it to Best Buy only to be informed I had a $150.00 deductible, which the sales associate failed to mention!!! I explained all of this to the GEEK at the GEEK SQUAD counter located inside the BEST BUY store in which I had made my purchase.
        I still have a broken screen, GEEK SQUAD continues to try withdrawing $9.99 a month from my NOW CLOSED checking account (I’ve called THE GEEK SQUAD AND BEST BUY numerous times and have written them requesting them to cancel my plan…I did wait my 30 days). The SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 ACTIVE was NEVER recalled via BEST BUY MANAGER. I now have a phone that I really didn’t want, but purchased, because of the lies I was told about the ACTIVE and the GEEK SQUAD PROTECTION PLAN, and I was tired of being bound by Apples limitations on my iPhone. I got screwed ROYALLY and BEST BUY will not do anything about my screwed up phone that I was CONNED into purchasing. I still have this phone with a broken screen and now months later the effin screen went BLACK!!!! I am now back using my iPhone via SIM card from the stinking Galaxy S4!!!! I NEED IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE WITH MY ISSUES!!! Thanks for taking the time to read my book that I just wrote you. If, by chance, you can offer me any assistance in solving my issues I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks again. Have a blessed day.

  27. i updated this morning and my contacts and phone numbers are still saying updating. this is really frustrating – any idea what to do to get the contacts back? All of the numbers are still there and texts and stuff – just not with anyone’s name attached to it! Please help :-)

  28. hi .. i owned samsung galaxy s4 .. im not sure how to utilize this one . can you help me out how to maximize the use of this? thanks !

  29. My phone updated on 1/9/14 and I can’t stand the new tweaks to the OS. Is there anyway to restore the OS to the previous version? I don’t want to do a full restore, just to reverse this latest, terrible update.

  30. When will my phone get the 4.3 version ? I live in Europe

    • yeah . how can will i be able to update s4 to the latest version of android?
      dont know how :(

      • Hi Nicky did you try the method suggested in the article ? If not I hope you will give it a try. In this tutorial I go through the procedure step by step in an easy to understand way. If it fails you could try to update your phone with Kies software from Samsung. You will find a link in the article.
        Hope this helps.

  31. How much time does it take for the S4 software to update.My phone is going through the update for the last 3hours and still says please wAit.

  32. Menachem Segal says:

    Hi all,

    I recently switched to galaxy s4 from blackberry, I’m wondering if, like on blackberry, I must do a complete backup of all data and all my apps before I do a os upgrade? If I don’t will I lose my apps etc.?

    How could I do a complete backup on my data, apps etc. ? Could anyone direct me to a guide, instructions how to do such a backup?

    Thanks in advance

    • I have updated numerous Samsung phones through the last couple of years and never once did I ever lose any data. However it is always a good idea to backup the data you can’t loose before updating just in case.
      Samsung has made a program to backup all your data you can find it right here :

      Hope this helps :-)

      • Menachem Segal says:

        Thanks so much for your quick response.

        My other question was about the App’s, will i lose my app’s after I update the os? do I need to backup app’s as well? if so, how could I backup my apps?

        on BB I had to do a complete backup of everything, including apps, before a os upgrade.

        Thanks again,

        • Hi again.

          There should be no need to backup your apps before updating your phone. I don’t even know if it is possible :-) Have fun with your soon to be newly updated S4

  33. I downloaded the update for Samsung S4 recently and noticed on the pull down screen the mobile data instant button is missing. How can I get it back?

    • Same thing happened to me…does anyone know how to get this back?

      • The same thing happened to me as well. Does this change anything? and can this be reverted?

        • ************* WARNING UPDATE MY INCREASE PHONE BILL *******

          I lost the mobile data option toggle switch. You can still get to it by going through a variety of options to navigate. This will likely cause people to not turn off mobile data/ and MAY LIKELY INCREASE your BILL as you could use more data than normal. I have noticed a 300% increase in the amount of data I am using on my plan now!

          I hope that the mobile data option will be back in the release of Kit Kat.

          This update is worse then a VIRUS. It made my S4 slower, AND and my phone bills more EXPENSIVE! DO NOT UPDATE!

    • I know Samsung has started seeding a fix for some of the problems that arose from the latest update. Hopefully this will be one of the many things that gets fixed. Not sure if this is one of the things on the list but hopefully it is.

      Strangely this did not happen to me after the latest galaxy s4 update so I think it may be carrier specific.

      • My phone always says there’s an update but whenever I update it. All of a sudden it stops in the middle.and tells me the update has stopped. Any reason why?

        • I’m pretty confident a hard reset would fix this for you. Just reset your phone before you update it. Remember to back up all your phone data before doing so.

    • Although the mobile date is not on the pull down screen it is still there. If you go in to the settings. select data usage you will mobile data on the top of the screen. A green check is on, no check mark is off. I hope this helps

  34. Is there any way to recover ALL lost data ( contacts ,pics , emails, Etc.) after update????
    Phone automatically updated once connected to a wi-fi and I lost everything b/c i never got a chance to back it up…..

    • You can use Kies Software from Samsung to backup all those things on your computer. You would have to do it before updating though…

      • The power button will get you to the airplane mode but this is probably NOT what he wants. You CAN do the same this as the old (now missing) “Mobile Networks” selection by going to “Settings”, “More Networks”,”Mobile Networks” and finally “Mobile Data.” This will allow you to use Wi-FI when available bu won’t switch over to carrier data.

  35. Hi. I’ve just updated my SG4 software to Android 4.3 and now I can’t find my “Mobile Data” icon. Can only access the net with Wi-Fi. How can I get the icon back?

  36. My S4 no longer shows anything on the screen though it responds to every command, I can even receive calls on it, what could be the problem?????

  37. Hi my Samsung Galaxy S3 is currently downloading. do not turn off this has been since I woke this morning. It will not let me switch off without taking out battery and when I put battery back it appears the same. This has started automatically when I have been sleeping. Is this a firmware update and how long will it take ? Or is there a problem with my phone? Thanks

  38. I just got the latest update to my phone (galaxyS4), when I send emojis it sends as a picture message & before it would send regular also I don’t like how some things look, what can I do about this? Is there anyway I can change it back?

  39. After I first turned on my galaxy s4 they started downloading a software but I canceled it by wrong and after that I tried to re download the software but there was a text comming up written in it that that your device is not supported for your device what I have to do?

    • I would try to reboot the phone without the SIM card and run the update procedure again. Hopefully this will solve your problem.

  40. It is already October 30th 2013, do you know when this update will be ready for people in Mexico? or is there a way to download the update and run it manually?

  41. What to do if I’d baught my s4 from singapore(Made In Vietnaam) & now I’m living in india..

    & I didn’t get update (v4.3) yet
    pls.. help

    • A lot of people have not gotten their Android 4.3 update to their S4. I suggest you just keep trying as the update is released at different times depending on your carrier and the country you are in.

  42. Loose is looooooose.
    Lose is the one you want. ;-)

  43. Hi. My software update icon has a small orange ring on the top so I thought I’d check for updates but my phone says connecting to server then after a few seconds it says my device has been modified. Software updates not available. What could be the problem. Thanks

  44. A quick update for you guys and gals looking for updates for your Galaxy s4. Google has announced Android 4.4 Kit Kat but it’s likely we’ll have to wait a few months before it starts to hit our phones. The good news I have for you is that Samsung has said that Android 4.3 Jelly Bean will hit the S4 in October. Check out this article for more details :

  45. Is there some way of updating the Galaxy s4 when you are not on a data plan. updating my phone like this would ruin me….

    • Sure there is. If you look at the tutorial more closely you will find a link to another way of updating your sg4. This way entails hooking up your phone to a computer and updating it with the use of a computer with internet and Kies software from Samsung. The link is situated just above the bottom picture in the article.
      Hope this helps.

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