Samsung Galaxy s4

Today Samsung finally revealed the brand new Galaxy s4.

After watching the unpacked event that Samsung held today we it is with mixed emotions that we report what we saw to you.

First off the design of the new Samsung top of the line smart phone looked a lot like its predecessor the Galaxy s3, as you can see from the pictures below the design won’t blow our minds. I’m not saying it did not look good, it’s just not very revolutionary.

Samsung Galaxy s4 Black mist

Samsung Galaxy s4 Black mist

The presentation from Samsungs JK Shin was a short and consise presentation consentrating on the software features of the new cell phone. Not much was said about the hardware of the Galaxy s4. Happily we have information from elsewhere so we can tell you a bit about the hardware of the new phone.


When will the Galaxy s4 be available for sale.

Lets start with what you are dying to find out straight away. You want to know when you can buy the new phone in the stores.

Well, no exact date was said in the presentation other than that it would start selling in the end of April. Of other interesting things said on this subject was that it would be sold by 327 operators and carriers in a grand total of 155 countries. So there is little chance you wont be able to get your hands on one wherever you may live.


What separates the Galaxy s4 from the Galaxy s3.

According to Samsung it is going to be Slimmer, (7,9 mm) lighter, (130 grams) and more solid.

Besides that the most evident changes to the users of this phone will be the new 5 inch full HD screen. Also Samsung seems to have put a lot of thought into making new feaures for the new 13 Magapixel camera.

SamsungGalaxy s4 White frost

Samsung Galaxy s4 White Frost


Galaxy s4 Design.

Simply from looking at the new cell phone we can quickly see that it looks a lot like the last Galaxy s phone. That beeing said it is  great to see that thay have been able to shrink the thickness of the phone now to 7.9 mm while actually fitting an even bigger battery (2600 MAh) compared to the s3 (2100 MAh). Even with the new and bigger screen the enginers has managed to shrink the with and the thickness of the phone. It even looks a bit less rounded. Giving it a bit more masculine look.

Best of all of you ask me is the new colors. As I did not think much of the wvailable colours from the launch of the last s series phone I was delighted to find that this one will launch in a black colour option.


Galaxy s4 Hardware.

Screen : 5 inch full HD 1080 by 1920 super AMOLED (441 pixels per inch)

Cpu : Qualcomm snapdragon 600 or Exynos Octa core 5410.

Camera : 13 MP and a 2 MP secondary camera.

Battery : 2600 MAh.

Android Os : 4.2.2


Galaxy s4 Software features.

This is what the biggest part of the presentation was all about. As to why Samsung did not talk about the hardware we can only speculate.

Maybe Samsung feels that the other manufacturers like Sony and HTC has caught up with the and would rather talk of what separates the Galaxy s4 from the others. Anyways here are the new software features that comes with the new cell phone.

  • Dual Camera
  • Sound and shot
  • Samsung smart scroll
  • Samsung smart pause
  • Air view
  • S translator
  • Group play
  • S Health
  • Samsung Knox
  • Samsung homesync
  • Drama shot
  • Eraser
  • Story album

I wrote a separate piece on the software features of this phone, check out my Galaxy s4 features article.

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5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy s4

  1. Keithen Naidoo says:

    My Samsung Galaxy s4 is giving me a hart time Lol
    The LCD is not on but the buttons below shows that the phone is on.
    How can I fix it ,is it the LCD or do I need to reset the phone if so how do I do this

  2. samsung costantly cuts off and caller voice is not audible

  3. lisa shaw says:

    Done update and keeps flashing red on outer side of screen keeps flashin can u help

  4. martin hopper says:

    Phone says not registered on net work how do I fix this im on orange Samsung s4

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