Samsung Galaxy S5 might have carbon body

Rest asured that Samsung is keeping a close eye on the HTC ONE sales figures.

Over the last couple of years Samsung has been given their fair share of praise for their Galaxy s series of phones. The only thing that people has not been very satisfied with since the Galaxy s2 is that the devices don’t feel premium enough.

When we spend a lot of money on a new phone we don’t only want it to be a great phone we also want it to look and feel like a premium phone.

Galaxy s5 might get carbon fibre body

This is the Galaxy s4 with carbon fibre look

This could very well be the reason behind the success of Samsungs biggest competition in the Android segment of smart phones. When HTC made the ONE they made a phone that not only was a state of the art cell phone. They also made sure that it looks and feels like a million bucks. Thanks to the aluminium body of their latest creation it has become the their best selling phone in a long time.


In a press release from SGL GROUP, a maker of carbon fibre we can read that they have established a joint venture with Samsung to start utilizing carbon in new ways.

We can only assume that this means that we will soon start seeing some new and exciting uses for carbon fibre in electric appliances. As soon as I read this thing the first thing that popped into my mind was that the Samsung Galaxy s5 would be made from Carbon fibre. There is no way of telling at his point if this will turn out to be true, but I sure hope  my intuition was right on this one.


Carbon fibre would be the perfect material for a premium looking cell phone. Not only is it extremely light weight but also it looks really cool. I could certainly imagine upgrading from the Galaxy s4 to the Galaxy s5 simply because it sports a Carbon fibre body.

Certainly Samsung would not release a phone of this magnitude in just the one color but it would be great if the next Galaxy s series phone would be available in carbon fibre.

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One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S5 might have carbon body

  1. if Samsung use Carbon Fiber, for sure there sales increases. Carbon Fiber is light weighed, strong and environmental friendly. i love to use Galaxy S5 with Carbon Fiber

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