Samsung Galaxy S5 receives it’s fourth software update

In the short few months since the Galaxy S5 hit the market it has already received 3 updates to it’s firmware. Counting this last one, that just started seeding we are now up to a total of four updates.

The Galaxy S5 got it’s first firmware update before consumers could even get their hands on the device. When we picked up our new Galaxy S series phone from Samsung the first update was already waiting to be installed.

The update is only 18.32 MB in size and according to the changelog the only thing it brings to the table is improved performance. Seems like this is the standard wording on most small updates. Hard to tell what has been improved until we have tried it for a while, if we at all notice any change. Best case scenario this is the final improvement to the phones firmware before we get the Android version 4.4.3.

Samsung Galaxy S5 fourth Android update

From what we have heard the 4.4.3 version of the Android Os was not a big one. Hopefully Google will announce the next version within reasonable time, and if we are in luck this one will be a major overhaul.

Rumor has it that the next big update will indeed finally be the first one to run exclusively on ART, putting an end to the DALVIK runtime. To explain this in a fast and easy way it means that your apps and games will take shorter time to start.

If you did not receive the update on your phone jet there is a way to manually check if it’s available. Check out our how to update the Galaxy S5 tutorial for details.
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