Samsung Galaxy S6 : How to screenshot

Taking screenshots on smartphones used to be more difficult than you’d imagine. Nowadays, with updates and Quality of Life changes, both iOS and Android have made performing simple tasks easier than it has been, those of which include taking screenshots on your device.

There may be several different reasons you might want to take a screenshot, whether it be you wanted to share your achievements on games with friends, show off your beastly Antutu benchmark scores, or even just a picture of what’s on your screen without having to take an external camera and take a picture of your whole phone. Today we’ll go over the different methods of taking screenshots on the Galaxy S6.


If you think Taking screenshots may be simple enough, you are wrong. Some Android devices have almost no physical buttons. This is a very popular design method in mainly Chinese smartphones like Meizu, or Huawei. “But without physical buttons to press, how the heck do I do anything?” Well, these phones may not have physical buttons, but what they do carry are what’s called “Capacitive buttons.” These act as physical buttons, and carry out the same functions, and can even be re-programmed to perform specific tasks, but without the need of a physical button bulging and protruding from the phone’s surface.

These also have an advantage in visibility; for example, take Samsung’s famous capacitive buttons for example. These buttons are normally located at the bottom of the phone’s screen, at the bottom bezel, and they light up. On specific devices, these lights are differently colored, like the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which have blue capacitive buttons, whereas most of Samsung’s devices, particularly the Galaxy line, have white-light capacitive buttons, although you could get Korean versions of these phones that have different colored faceplates, which in turn alters the color of the buttons.

How to screenshot on the Galaxy S6

Press and hold the power  and home button to do a screenshot on the Galaxy s6

Press and hold the power and home button to do a screenshot on the Galaxy s6

Normally, on Android powered devices, the standard key-combination for taking a screenshot would be to hold down the Power button + the Home button, and that would register a command to take a screenshot. iOS Devices also use the same command to take screenshots. You may notice that you’ve taken a screenshot by the little camera picture taking animation that happens on your screen. If that doesn’t happen, then you can always navigate to your gallery application and check for recent screenshots to make sure. There’s also other means of taking screenshots.

If you own some devices with a custom ROM like Cyanogenmod or a version of Android that supports an advanced power menu, you can opt to enable the screenshot option to appear in the APM (Advanced Power Menu.) What you need to do after you’ve enabled the screenshot option in the APM, hold the power button, and a menu should appear with an option to take a screenshot. Just a single tap will automate the process of screenshotting for you. There are also multiple third party apps on the Google Play Store that also automatically does this for you, so feel free to check those out.

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