Samsung Galaxy S6 : How to update via wifi

If you have ever used an older version of android, such as android 2.3, or 4.2.2 Jellybean, chances are, you’ve been prompted to download and install a newly released update from Google. Today, we’ll discuss how you can update your device through OTA updates from your device manufacturer.

Now, you may be asking, what is OTA? OTA stands for Over the Air, which means these kinds of updates are officially released by your device software manufacturer, or Google themselves. You can access OTA updates through your device’s stock settings app, and have the choice of ignoring a newly released update, or download and install it, which will be done automatically, although it is encouraged that your device have a high battery percentage before you attempt an OTA update as it does take quite a while before it completes.

Downloading the OTA update will take some time, as it isn’t your average 10Mb file, as well as the time it takes to install it. It may take upwards of 30 minutes to an hour depending on your internet/device speeds.

Samsung Galaxy S6 update via OTA

First, to access OTA updates, head on over to your device’s stock settings app, and locate the “About” section. Next, find the “Update” tab, and click on it. Now hit check for updates, and it should take some time to load. If your screen reads something like “no updates available” then the current operating system version on your device is the latest version available for that select device. Note that the same device from different carriers may very well affect the chances and timing of your OTA updates, because they may seem like the same device, but are considered different versions of the device. For example, an LG G3 from Verizon may get the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA update earlier than an LG G3 from Sprint, or T-Mobile, so keep that in mind.

If there are any active updates that are offered to you for your device, you should see the new version of the update appear seconds after checking for the update. There should be release notes displayed on the screen that shows you all the changes, bug fixes, newly added features that are included in the new update.

You don’t have to download an OTA update as it’s released, since you have the choice to stick with the version of Android you’re currently on, but you’re recommended to update to a newer version with the better software support and less vulnerabilities to backdoors and exploits.

As mentioned before, if you do decide to update to a newer version, follow the steps as mentioned and hit the download update. This may take a while depending on your internet connection, but if you have an existing data plan and are limited to a download rate, be sure to disable your data connection and only download the update from a Wi-Fi connection, as it is quite a large file. You’ll have to wait for the update to install as well, which can take from 10 minutes to 25 minutes

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