Samsung Galaxy S6 rumours roundup

It’s that time of the year again folks, the next device in Samsung’s Galaxy product range is due to be launched at some point later on this year and just like Apple devices, plenty of people have been pitching their ideas as to what this new devices will look like, features it will have and most importantly cost.

Starting off with the price, which as we all know can make or break a great device, it may have all the bell and whistles you could ever need but if it’s priced over the odds then no one is likely to buy it (I’m looking at you apple). The cost for the S6 is expected to be slightly more than the current generation S5 which if you want to pick up sim-free, you’re looking at around £375 (Sourced from which considering what the device does is an amazingly good price. The internet however expects the new S6 to be closer if not over £400, although as always the major service providers will subsidise this as long as you want to be locked in with them for 24 months.

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The good news though is that the S6 is expected to be out pretty soon, with a date earmarked for either march or April, although some sources are placing their bets on an earlier release date, probably to try and knock out the Apple watch which is to is due out every soon.

One complaint that has always followed the galaxy series is that they are always made out of plastic, which for the high end flagship status that the line demands you would think they would make it out of something a bit better than recycled bottles. The S6 however will probably ditch the plastic casing and adopt a metal frame and front plate, this makes the build quality much higher and just makes the device feel great in your hands. The back cover however will still be plastic for removability reasons, because unlike other phones such as the iPhone the battery on this device can be replaced.

The phone will also probably be thinner than ever before as we already have the galaxy alpha at just 6.7mm which if you don’t know is extremely thin, we’d hope the S6 is even thinner although if the add a few more mm to add a bigger battery when that is fine too. Also we need to watch out when these devices get thinner and thinner as they will be more easily bent as the iPhone 6 plus nicely demonstrated.

The screen on the device is rumoured to be a Super-AMOLED with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, This resolution on a phone is mental and not really any use, because you’re not really going to watch a 1440p movie on a tiny device like that and with a screen at this sort of resolution we’ll need a monster battery to get a decent amount of screen time, but high quality photos will look really good on this panel. Also those bezels around the screen are getting ever smaller and couple more years and we may finally eradicate them.

Flexibility seems to be the buzz feature at the moment and the S6 won’t be left out, although a bendy phone is a touch pointless when the best we can bend it is a few degrees.

The recent move to 64-bit Android now removes the limitation to 4GB of RAM so therefore we expect a generous helping of RAM and also the ART runtime we will see a much more RAM efficient system. In terms of processor we are looking at the octacore snapdragon 810 which is 64-bit capable and has enough horsepower to drive that massive display.

Storage is another important factor, and rumour has it all incarnations of the S6 will have plenty for every user. Current reports give us a line-up of 32, 64 and 128 GB variants, which for most people will be perfectly fine, but for people who manage to fill up even the 128GB of storage we still have a micro SD slot with support for high capacity cards so you can double the space of even the 128GB version, but do we really want to carry around 200+ GB of data in our pocket?

You may or may not know that Samsung is building their own mobile platform called Tizen which as Android is Linux based. You may be worried that Samsung will only release this new platform on the new devices. Have no fear though the S6 will not be shipping with Tizen but sticking with Android, more specifically Android 5.0 ‘Lollipop’, so all the apps you love (and bloatware you hate) will still be available.

As far a the rumours go this is about it, but if the device does materialise with these sort of features then it will be quite the phone.

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