Samsung in-app purchase installed and why samsung has pushed this to your device

Today I was surprised to see that my phone had installed an app on it’s own. And I am here to tell you I am not a happy man.

Ok so truth be told my phone has no way of doing this on it’s own, it was of course Samsung in its infinite wisdom that decided it was a good idea to do this.

So do users appreciate getting things forcefully pushed down their throats. I am here today to tell you that this is something we do not want. Samsung recently received a lot of pepper for the push notification ads that started showing up on peoples phones.

This in my opinion is bordering on cyber criminality. I don’t think updates like this should be installed on users phones without their consent. After all I payed for it, I think I should have some say in what apps gets installed on it.

It’s one thing that phones these days comes from the factory filled to the brim with apps we don’t want and can’t uninstall. But it’s a whole other thing to have the manufacturer of the phone deciding which apps we have installed for the rest of the phones life.

I must admit I am not good at reading terms and conditions when I open a brand new phone like the Galaxy S6 edge. For all I know I signed over my soul to Samsung when I pressed the button where I agreed to the terms.

If Samsung can legally do this it doesn’t seem like a such big step imagining some app developer offering them a lot of money to get their app or game installed on all their customers phones. I shiver at the thought of someone else deciding what apps I have on my phone.

Samung inn app purchase installed

I was shocked to see Samsung had installed an app on my Galaxy S6 edge.
Ps. If you liked the wallpaper I got it from Zedge.


What is Samsung in app purchase.

The Samsung In-App Purchase payment service makes it possible to sell virtual items, services, and subscriptions within the Android apps sold in Samsung Galaxy app store. Meaning that Samsung has made another a for app makers to make money from selling in app items through the Galaxy apps store.

Basically it’s a competitor for Google’s app purchases service. Samsung’s inn app purchasing service supports credit card, prepaid cards and buying paying for things over your phone bill. For more information check out this link that leads to samsung’s developer page on this specific topic.


I’d like to end things of with a plea to Samsung. Please please stop installing things on my phone that I did not ask for or want. That’s it from me, thank you for reading this to the end. And if you agree with my opinion share it with your friends. Hopefully this can get enough attention to make Samsung stop doing this.

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I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

16 thoughts on “Samsung in-app purchase installed and why samsung has pushed this to your device

  1. Frederick Snodgrass says:

    A game I installed via Samsung store forced me to install this, the game sucked (pay to win) but luckily I can uninstall in-app purchase app in settings>apps, using galaxy s8.

  2. I used to buy Samsung phones and tablets but will never buy another. All of the apps that are continuously pushed out by Samsung taking precious storage space on devices that can no longer store app data to SD card due to Google’s wisdom in later Android releases. I will shop very carefully for my next devices but won’t even consider Samsung anymore.

  3. Same thing on My Samsung Tab S2

  4. So this can’t be deleted? My first Samsung device and probably my last if this is what they do, I like to make my OWN choices and I sure wouldn’t choose this

  5. I totally agree!! Have a Samsung Galaxy too and am VERY p**sed off with them!!

  6. Hmm its maybe a big mistake google play better

  7. Raymond Jones says:

    I, too, was a loyal Samsung customer until this app was installed. I would like to be able to decide who I pay through and I do not feel comfortable giving the broad permissions. I occasionally use in-app purchasing when I am playing a game but now, in order to do so, I have to give this app permissions I am not happy giving. The makers of the game are losing out on my purchases, and probably purchases being made by others because of this and Samsung has lost a customer.

  8. I now can’t purchase through google play without installing Samsung in app purchase and letting it access my contacts and giving it access to phone calls, messages and my photos etc. Wtf? I don’t want my card info to be shared with anyone. Why does it need this access? Samsung need to revoke this now and let me pay with an app i choose.

    • Same here. It won’t let me go back to google play. I know the Attorney General in New York is looking for an opportunity to screw Samsung over the Note 7 fires, this might be the issue to push him over the edge.

  9. I’m done with samsung after this. I’m going to go with a stock google or LG or something.

    I find samsungs behavior here utterly disgusting.

  10. I think next time I BUY it will be an Apple product.

  11. I, too, am unhappy with unwanted installs. I also installed something I do not want and it will not uninstall completely. I tried to go back to Samsung Galaxy S5 factory default reset but keep getting ads.

  12. I totallh agree. I hate this app so much. I tried to uninstall it, but once i jninstall it, the message kept popping up when i was playing my game. It slows my game down n disconnects me from my internet. Its bugging the crap out of me

  13. I sooo agree with you, Bertil. I had the same shock when several apps were installed on my Galaxy Note 2. One of them was the same app you’ve mentioned. I can’t fathom why Samsung would do this, other than short sighted greed. For many years, my family went through several generations of Samsung phones. We were loyal customers, putting up with increasing amount of bloatware/crapware. This was the last straw though and Samsung won’t see more $$ from us.
    Why do companies do this to themselves? Is their marketing department stacked with idiots?

  14. My Galaxy S3 received the latest system update today when I connected to wifi. I chose install and it just installs to 25% and then error! My cell has been continuously rebooting and installing to 25% for awhile now. I pulled the battery a couple of times and it just keeps going through this cycle. There is nothing I can do, pressing buttons does nothing. What can be done?!?
    Thankful for any advice you can give..

    • Look up the steps for a hard reboot/ system cache deletion for your phone. I’d say to back stuff up- but it’s hard to do when the phone is acting like that.

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