Samsung is the new Apple

Samsung is the new Apple and the Galaxy S6 EDGE is the new Iphone.

When Samsung announced the new Galaxy S6 EDGE they did what apple did with the iphone all the way back in 2007 with the original Iphone.

Before I get started I am going to warn you all, yes I am the biggest Samsung and Android fanboy. If you could see me where I sit right now in my livingroom typing my new 9 series laptop ( it’s not new, thats just its name ), occasionally glancing at  the Samsung TV set to discovery channel. If I look to my left I can see the refrigerator / freezer combo standing in the kitchen. And in the bathroom I have a Samsung washer.

So yes, if you are going to claim that this piece was written by the worlds biggest fanboy, you are absolutely right. All that put aside I still claim that the Galaxy S6 EDGE is the nicest looking smartphone the world has ever seen. And I dare anyone to name a cell phone made in the history of time that is better looking. The comments section of this post is waiting for your opinion.

Galaxy S6 edge

Why do I think the Galaxy s6 EDGE is the new IPhone ?

We all want nice and expensive stuff, there is no point in denying it. And what’s worse we want things that are better than the things our friends have. It’s not something anyone is proud of but to see the look on your friends faces when you pull the newest and best looking smartphone from your pocket is priceless. You may say that you are not like that, and you might be right. Could it be just my twisted brain that gets satisfaction from owning the best phone in existence.

If you claim that you don’t care about stuff like that at all I dare you to tell us all which cell phone you are currently using. If you are still rocking a Nokia from the early 90s I will happily admit I am wrong. Those things where sturdy and I bet that if I could find the charger to my Motorola Startac which I still have in a drawer somewhere, I could still use it as my daily driver if I simply did not care for new and better things.

The Galaxy s6 Edge has yet to hit stores but from what we have seen this far on pre order pages around the globe, the 128 GB s6 EDGE will cost more than it’s Iphone counterpart. What’s more it looks more premium and feels better in your hand.

It’s never more premium than it’s cost.

If you buy a phone that costs 1000 dollars or more of contract I bet you will do everything in your power to keep it out of harms way. If you bought the same phone but only paid 200 dollars chances are that you would not be as careful with it. My claim is that If everyone could afford the Galaxy s6 EDGE it would not feel as special as it now will to those who can get it. After all, how exclusive would anything feel if everyone around you had the same thing.

At present time the Iphone 6 and 6 plus is the most expensive phones you can buy ( gold plated and diamond crusted special editions excluded ) But this is about to change.

I can still remember how special it felt to have the Android Os Galaxy S2 back in the day when a vast number of people hadn’t even made the switch to smartphones. From that point on I have owned every S series phone that Samsung put out for sale except for the minis and the active variants, but it never felt as good as owning something almost no one else had.


Why is the Galaxy s6 EDGE the most premium cell phone you can buy.

  • It is the most expensive phone for sale.
  • It looks and feels better than any other phone.
  • It has a dual edged screen.
  • It’s made from airplane rated aluminium and gorilla glass 4.

 Apart from those, too me obvious facts there is one more thing that separates Samsung from Apple. And this is what is going to elevate sales of the Galaxy s6 and the s6 EDGE to unheard of proportions. Samsung uses a lot of money on marketing. In a few weeks from now I bet you will see the new devices plastered all over media channels.


 SM-G925F_003_L-Side_Green_Emerald - Kopi

No replaceable battery and no expandable memory.

For the longest time Iphone users claimed that a phones screen should never be larger than 3.5 inches. It just was not practical. Then the Iphone 5 came and fanboys had to justify how 4 inches was now the biggest screen size a smartphone should ever have. Last year the Iphone 6 and the 6 plus hit us with brute force. And that was the last time I had to argue with any Apple fanboys about how nice it is to have a phone with a large screen.

For the longest time I have argued that I would not buy a phone without a replaceable battery and a expandable memory . Today is the day I do the walk of shame and tell you all that I have changed my mind and now find it totally acceptable to buy a phone without those features.

About Bertil Hansen
I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

8 thoughts on “Samsung is the new Apple

  1. Lance Burgos says:

    Sony Xperia™ Flagship smartphones are actually have the best look and the most relaxed phone in hand with a smart idea for locating fingerprint sensor and other stuff while Shitsung or Samsung can’t have

  2. Yes this us the best phone ever I mean IPhones are okay but not all that at all compared to this!

  3. Samsung has lost touch with their target audience! They are just trying to win over the iphone market, and they’ll never succeed! They’ve abandoned their core market.

    Hopefully, when the S6 and the Edge abysmal sales, they’ll come to their senses and give us back the sd card and removable battery!

  4. Samsung has some features that anyphone in the world it doesn’t have
    3GB of Ram
    Curved Screen
    Thinnest Smartphone
    Long Battery life

  5. This phone has not changed my mind, I will not buy a phone without an SD card slot or the option to remove the battery. Nor will I buy a phone that is a blatant ripoff of the iPhone 6.

    • How can you even say that. The S6 edge looks nothing like the iphone. Common, did you even look at the images, and did you not take notice of the dual edged screen.
      It looks NOTHING like an Iphone.
      I repeat Nothing.

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