samsung phones to get jelly bean

Today Jelly bean began rolling out to the Galaxy s3. Samsung has confirmed a few other phones and tablets to get it.

A lot of people though have bought another Samsung phone and are hoping for an update to hit their devise. According to “The Verge” Samsung have confirmed to them via email which phones and tablets will indeed get it, sooner or later.

Samsung wrote in this mail that the update will rolled out gradually to other markets. When you will get it will vary by what country you are in and the different carriers requirements.


These Phones where confirmed by Samsung to get Jelly Bean in addition to the  Samsung Galaxy S3  :

Samsung phones to get jelly bean

Jelly beans

  1. Galaxy S 2
  2. Galaxy note
  3. Galaxy s Advance
  4. Galaxy S 2 LTE
  5. Galaxy Chat
  6. Galaxy Ace 2
  7. Galaxy Beam
  8. Galaxy Ace Plus
  9. Galaxy mini 2
  10. Galaxy S Duos
Besides these 4 tablets where also listed as devises to get the Jelly bean update :
  1. Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
  2. Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
  3. Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
  4. Galaxy Note 10.1
In addition to these a previously unknown devise was also listed :
  1. Galaxy Music
Also mentioned in the email was a few details on a few Samsung specific improvements that Jelly bean will bring us. These where improved pop up play functionality, an easy mode, and a blocking mode. We are looking forward to finding out a little more about these improvements.
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  1. How to update my phone pls say
    My phone is now 4.1 jely bely
    Samsung sgh-i747 pls reply me
    You can call 7040540721

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