Samsung thinks there are not enough Galaxy s6 rumors : starts their own

We have always suspected cell phone manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, LG, and all the others of deliberately leaking info on their upcoming phones to build anticipation before a big launch like the one we are waiting for right now, but this is something completely different from anything we can remember seeing.

This morning Samsung Norway posted a few intriguing images on their homepage. The approach taken in this matter is somewhat baffling and hard to get our heads around.

Together with a countdown to the #UNPACKED event Samsung is holding on March 1. they have posted 3 images with rumors about the next Galaxy. Even though the S6 in not mentioned once in the post it is pretty evident that the phones in mention are the Galaxy S6 and possibly also the rumored Samsung Galaxy S EDGE ( or maybe it will be called the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE ) we simply do not know at this point.

Let me show you the images so you can see for yourself, before we discuss the matter more below.

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors by Samsung Norway

“One feature that we might see is forward-facing stereo speakers” Image source : Samsung Norway


This image and text suggest that the next galaxy comes with forward facing stereo speakers. If this happens it will be a first in the history of Galaxy smartphones. It sure would make be happy if this one turns out to be true. Watching youtube videos without having the volume on absolute max and cupping the phone with my hand to make the sound travel towards my ears is something I will not miss at all. Hopefully this one makes an appearance on the real thing.

I won’t be talking much about the HTC one series in this article. I will suffice to say that I’ve been jealous of the front facing speakers for quite some time now.

Samsung Norway rumor : next galaxy will be durable

“The new Galaxy is expected to be durable” Image source : Samsung Norway

It has already been teased that the next galaxy will be made from exclusive materials. This image seems to suggest that Samsung did not have to compromise durability to make a good looking phone. Hopefully this means we will get a premium phone that can take a fall or two to the ground.

If you are deeply interested in cell phones you will maybe remember a youtube video where a cell phone did indeed have a built in air bag, not very different from e one seen in the image above. Don’t expect your next galaxy to have an airbag but if it does, I’m glad I’m not a cell phone case maker.




Samsung Galaxy s6 rumor i: it has three sided screen

“Samsung Galaxy display is supposed to reach onto 3 sides” Image source : Samsung Norway

If we get a second Galaxy device announcement this at MWC this March first it is not completely unlikely that its screen will indeed wrap three sided of the phone. We have already seen that Samsung can make phones with bent displays with their Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE that was launched in 2014.

It is definitely not going to look like the one in the image from Samsungs homepage. More likely if it even exists it is not going to be a far cry from the  Galaxy Note EDGE design vise.


A second option crossed my mind but I don’t think it is very likely. Maybe Samsung is poking fun at the press for making a lot of speculative rumors about the next Galaxy. It would be a fun thing to do but I doubt that Samsung would do such a thing.

Most likely this is done to build even more anticipation before the March first unveiling of the next Galaxy in Barcelona.

One thing is for sure, the phone will not look anything like the ones depicted in the images. The text though, might just turn out to be very very true!

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One thought on “Samsung thinks there are not enough Galaxy s6 rumors : starts their own

  1. […] For the past few smartphone cycles, the first quarter of the year is subject to ridiculous amounts of speculation, most of which is founded on thin air. The more privileged claims have a loose ground to stand on, however, in the form of rumors. With every Galaxy S or every HTC One we are subjected to endless discussion about megapixel counts, screen resolutions, batteries and design. The latter one is perhaps the aspect that adjusts to the rumors the best, because they can easily be graspable with leaks. While a picture of a bunch of circuits or a camera module won’t tell you much about its capabilities, the direct glance at a phone’s carcass gives you immediately comprehensive information of what it’ll look like. And this is probably why we see tens of grainy, sketchy photographs of all sorts of things ranging from metal frames to production molds. Occasionally, we get the a picture of what is supposedly the whole package. And OEMs are so aware of the gossip frenzy that sometimes they tease us with their own. […]

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