Samsung vs Apple a hoax to get cheap publicity

How this case will benefit none other than Samsung and Apple

If you are a fanboy like me, whether you are routing for Samsung or Apple, chances are that you have already picked a side. If you think Samsung have the best cell phone or you like the Iphone the best you are probably quite interested in the outcome of the ongoing law suit.


I for one is starting to get fed up of the whole farce. The number of articles written about this mess every day is quite substantial. So this got me thinking : How much is this worth to Samsung and Apple in “free” publicity ?


I understand that taking a case like this before a jury will likely be far from cheap. But measured up against the number of times we read articles about those companies in stead of reading about a brand new phone from a competitor call phone maker. How much would this publicity be worth for Samsung and Apple ?

Samsung vs Apple

Sadly I don’t have the answer to this question, but I sure would be very interested to hear that number if someone with the know how would compute this number. All I can say is that I know that number would be very very high.


Am I saying that Samsung and apple started this mess to get “free” publicity ? No. Am I saying that they ravel in the resulting publicity and as a result higher sales numbers ? Yes of course they are.


I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories but the more I think about it the more I feel that the big companies in the world today are constantly exploring ways of getting cheap publicity for their products. Just look at he way a big launch of a new phone are conducted from the Apple and Samsung. You can bet your savings that their phones will run out of stock in a day or two, causing a lot of fuzz and commotion. Witch in turn will get them even more publicity from articles about them being sold out. And how everyone will complain to all their friends that they can’t get a hold of it. Read about how Samsung held back the galaxy s3, apple style to sell more phones.


I know its a bit far fetched to say that Samsung and Apple sat down one day and conducted this plan for cheap publicity, and that it involved suing each others companies as a way of selling more phones. But then again if you think about it this is likely exactly what will be the result independently from who wins the case and gets the ruling in their favor.

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