Search ads to appear in Play store search results

One of the things all Android phones has in common is that they come with Play store pre installed from the factory. Google has updated its app store a number of times but never has the change been as big as the one we are likely to see soon.

The implementation of ads in the play store should come as no big surprise to anyone. Ads are as you might know Google’s main source of revenue. At present time this new feature is limited to a set number of users. So it could be quite some time before you get to see the ads with your own eyes. The number of advertisers are also limited for the time being. So it would seem it is a beta period of sorts.


From the looks of it the ads will appear in search results only. So you won’t come across any when navigating your way through Play store without the use of newly updated play search. That’s not to say it will stay that way forever. The search giant has been known to constantly find new places to put ads in their mostly free to use services.


It’s going to be an interesting time if you are an app developer and we look forward to seeing if this is going to help new guys and girls get a leg in or if its mainly going to be a way for the big guys to become even bigger.


I guess it all depends how fast play store algorithms can pick up if an app or a game is popular among its users.

If a small app developer can boost downloads for a limited time on a small budget and get picked up into one of the top lists before getting outbid by the bigger companies I think this can be beneficial to us all. Not just Google stockholders.

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