See the AMAphone in the reflection of a woman’s glasses in teaser from amazon

I don’t honestly think the people running things at Amazon is as dorky as me, so it is doubtful they will actually call it the AMAphone. What we know for certain is that they are announcing something big in two weeks time.

We also know for a fact that something bright, like a screen is clearly reflecting in that woman’s glasses. Whether or not it is a phone, a tablet or something completely else we simply cannot tell. But it’s clear that the rumor mill the last couple of days has been all over the Android smartphone from amazon rumors.

If you are in Seattle on June 18th you can even try your luck requesting an invitation for the event by visiting this page : June 18 amazon event.


Photo : Amazon, Youtube

amaphone closeup reflection in womans eyes

Photo : Amazon, Youtube

amaphone launch event

Photo : Amazon, Youtube

By looking at the video itself we can see a lot of excited peoples faces as they are clearly holding something that can only be a phone or tablet. If you want to skip ahead to the part where we see the reflection in the glasses, it can be found right about the 41 – 42 second mark.

It also seems likely that the rumors around the 3D interface is indeed more than just rumors. Not that we can see any 3D action but if you look the whole thing through you will likely get the same feeling from looking at the persons interaction with the unit.


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