Sony Xperia Z update

How to update your Sony Xperia Z to the latest firmware version

The Xperia Z launched some time ago with Android Os version 4.1.3 on board. Sony has promised however that their new top of the line smart phone will get the 4.2 update soon.

Lets not get ahead of our self, to many times have we  heard that an update will be here soon. Only to find out that the manufacturer thinks that 6 months or so is soon.

How to update Sony Xperia Z

Xperia z connecting to Sony servers


Before you start a word of advise.

To update your phone without connecting to a computer be aware that if you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network you will download the update through your carriers data network. Unless your phone is on a data plan this could get quite expensive depending on your cell phone carrier.

Another thing is that updating phones this way could if you are very unlucky cause your data to be wiped from your phone.


Back up your Android phone.

To back up your photos and images check out our : Backup Android photos tutorial.

To backup your cell phone contacts check out our : Backup Android contacts tutorial.


How to update the Sony Xperia Z to the latest Android version.

  1. From your home screen tap the icon that takes you to where your apps are. ( that’s the icon that looks like four by four squares )
  2. Next you have to find and press the Update Center.
  3. Now select the application and system updates you want and press update, or simply press the update all to download and install all the available  updates.
  4. Found something useful why not

Why update your Android phone to the latest version.

Android phones are constantly evolving. When you get a new phone these days it does not necessarily mean that the manufacturer is done with the software on your phone. Sometimes exploits can be found that the phone company may want to fix to keep your phone from harms way.

Another advantage of updating your phone is to get the latest and best features and improvements. This could mean that your phone could get useful new services and may even run smoother and faster after you have updated.

Be sure to check out our Sony Xperia Z section for useful hints and tips : Sony Xperia Z  tutorials.

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7 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z update

  1. updating is best or not.i am usin aqua m4

  2. need to update my phone

  3. I have this problem. Tried unmounting, restarting, deleting and reinstalling, nothing works, cant see around 15 apps. Any suggestions on how to fix it please?

  4. samir chakradhar says:

    i updated my xperia z in lolipop 5.0.2 but my wifi is not working.its shows wifi is turning on…. but wifi dont turn on in my mobile.solution plz..

  5. Noor mohammed says:

    I did not get android update so can I root my phone and update to lollipop,,,, it will not cause any damage to my phone,, please tell me,,,,

  6. Umm i updated my phone and my entire contacts, images, etc are gone. How do i restore them back (BTW my apps are also gone but my phone is downloading them automatically, thank god)

  7. if i do the new update for xperia z will i have the arabic language in it ?
    note : i don’t have the arabc language in my xperia z with present software version .

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