The rumor we all want to be true: Samsung is removing bloat from touchwiz

Samsung clearly has a lot of fanboys (author included ) but there is one thing that has been bugging me for all these years. The amount  of preinstalled apps that seemed to increase in size and number every time they launched a new phone.

It’s very possible this was lucrative for them in the short run but as sales figures has been going down lately it’s possible Samsung has had to put their customers in the front seat.

I guess selling lots of phones and making a decent amount of money is a better business strategy than selling fewer phones and making more money per unit.

Samsung is removing boat from their phones

Some of the bloatware that came with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4

In my opinion, Samsung makes the best phones in terms of hardware. I simply love the home screen button, and their decision to not use on screen buttons on their devices.


OK so back to the rumor at hand.

Even though some of the apps that comes with a new Samsung phones are sometimes useful it would be a Far better solution for consumers to be able to download them for themselves, if they so choose.

I can think of no other reason for apps to be preinstalled, and even worse unremovable other than, someone paid a lot of money to have it that way.

If I ever made an app, and after a while had the numbers to calculate how much money I made from each installed. I would gladly pay a lesser amount of money to literally come inside millions of consumer’s pockets.


It is still not known which apps and features will be affected but most likely apps like s health and smart stay, which is so tied into to Samsung cell phone infrastructure will still come preinstalled.

Hopefully all the other ones will from this point in become downloadable optional extras.

Finally let’s all raise our glass to a bloat free Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 and so forth.

Source : Sammobile


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