Uninstalling openfeint


Openfeint is a social gaming platform for android and iOS that lets you among a few other things compare scores with other gamers. And collect achievements.Witch in it self is positive things. However if you are like me and cant stand those pesky nagging poppups you are likely looking for a way of disabling it.

Here I will show you a way of removing the Openfeint poppups from your phone.

  1. Ensure you have a data connection, like 3G or Wi-Fi.
  2. Start up a game with Openfeint support and hit the score or Openfeint tab.
  3. You should now be in the Openfeint webpage.
  4. Hit the menu button on your phone and select the settings tab.
  5. Scroll down and hit the REMOVE ACCOUNT tab.
  6. A second screen will pop up and you have to confirm your decision to remove your account.
  7. Found something useful why not

Now the next time you see this screen:
How to get rid of openfeint

Press ” I don’t like fun”

Remember to hit the No thanks, I don’t like fun.
If you have an opinion of Openfeint you are welcome to post just below.
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I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

One thought on “Uninstalling openfeint

  1. Hi, i uninstalled fruit ninja from my galaxy s3 because that is the only game i think i have that is accessing openfeint (or making it pop up from my screen)… but i still have the openfeint folder file in my phone. If i delete it, will there be any problem with my phone set up or with my other games?

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