Update Galaxy s3 through Kies

How to update your Samsung Galaxy s3 with Kies from Samsung

If for some reason you don’t want to update your Galaxy s3 through Kies Air you can always use the bundled software from the phones manufacturer to get it done. As an excample you might not have access to Wi-Fi or you might not be on a dataplan with your carrier. Another reason for doing this is that this will be the fastest way to get access to the latest version of official Android Os to your phone.

Samsung Kies update galaxy s3

Samsung Kies software

When trying to update my Galaxy s3 to Jelly Bean I could not get it through Kies air, but once I connected my cell phone to Kies I got it immediately.

Backup your data before updating

Even though I have never lost any data when updating my phones, to cover my back I would like to recomend that you do so for safe measure. ( most phone manufacturers recomend that you do ).

Backup Android contacts.

Backup Android photos and images.


How to update Galaxy s3 with Kies

  1. Download and install kies  ( Download link can be found in the upper middle of the page )
  2. Connect your phone to your computer with a micro usb cable. (comes bundled with your phone )
  3. Start Kies on your Pc or mac.
  4. Once Kies connects to your phone it will automatically check for the latest Android Os version for your phone.
  5. If nothing happens : Pull down the notification area on your phone. If you can see that it says connected as a camera, press that area to change your USB options. Pick the connect as Media device.

All that is left for you to do is follow the instructions supplied by Kies. In about 10 minutes or so you should be done. This depends on you network connection though.

Found something useful, why not

You are now ready to take full advantage of the freshest Android version. You can read about it on the Official Android page.

Always keep your phone updated to the latest version to get the most out of your phone. Among the advantages are that you and your data will be safer and that the latest performance improvements will make your phone the best it can be.

If you don’t have the cable needed or a computer you could always update you Galaxy s3 though Kies Air.

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I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

98 thoughts on “Update Galaxy s3 through Kies

  1. hello.

    kies says i have the latest system will in fact the current system is not jelly bean. so there’s no available update.

  2. i downloaded kies, i backed up my phone but i cannot update it. the window for update is not popping up.

  3. Hey admin,,, hope u will b fine.. my samsung SGH-i-777 showing again andriod patch, core services, and downloading apps by self, hanging and then restart… what can i do… give me a favour as soon as possible.. thanks in advance.. :)

  4. I updated my device and while it’s updating it’s stopped at 34%
    i don’t know what should i do now ?

  5. Hi guys need help just got a samsung s3 and its in Chinese how can I get it changed I have changed the language to Australia but I think its the software so if anyone can help thanks in advance

  6. I tapped the sotware update on my s3 but nothing popped up

  7. Chris Menezes says:

    Can I get da new update kitkat or lollipop on s3 or jelly bean is da last of da updates on an s3:(

  8. my galaxys3 say SGH-T999 can i still get the jelly bean 4.3 and how to install it

  9. I have a Verizon S3 (SCH-I535) and I am on OS 4.1.2. The VZW says that there is an update available, but Kies says I am up to date….please help!

  10. Hi I find this great advice thank you but I have some questions billyanalog.

    I bought my phone about 2 years ago through AT&T. I had to unlock it then due to traveling for work. I unlocked my phone through the company itself. Unfortunately I was not able to do any updates on my phone since then. I have spoken to AT&T and they have said that they can not do anything due to the phone being out of warranty.
    Now for my question. Will this way of updating my phone affect it in anyway? Also, is this type of update going to delete all my files (I have a lot of important contacts on apps)? Last question, will this update make my phone unreliable?

    • Hi.
      In general, updating your phone should make it safer and more responsive. In my experience it is unlikely you will lose any data like contacts and apps, but I have heard of it happening so it is a good idea to backup any data you cannot do without.

  11. My S3 is still 4.1.2. I can download update but installatiin always fails. Pls advice.. tnx

  12. Hey My phone just gave me software update,, I read the comments so I came to know that Updating through wifi is better then updating through Kies There’s almost 20 minutes passed and there’s still written “Download update pakage” Please help what should I do??
    2. I didn’t have back up of my pictures or contacts will this remove all my data on the phone
    P.s how much time taking is this Downloading is?

  13. I am using verizon’s s3… My android is 4.2.2…. Can i upgrade it further through above mentioned method ? Please help soon.

    • Yes it can be updated to 4.3….verizon is a lot better than international samsung devices….

      • Hi! I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 4.2.1 version. I am wanting a fitness watch and nothing is compatible to my phone!! very annoying for me right now. I was told I needed to update my software on my phone to 4.3 version. How do I get that? I can’t find it anywhere on the internet. Is there anyway you can help me with this? thank you so much! I am desperate rite now! lol! I need my fitness tracker, done had to send one back to amazon already because it would not let me connect with any app. :-( Becky

  14. hi i had a software upgrade on my s3 and my phone is yet to be powered on. why is that? its been 15hours now since i did the upgrade

  15. Hello!
    First of all I want to thank everybody for posting, especially billyanalog. I have a few questions for billyanalog and I hope he will reply the soonest possible ’cause I’m really very worried if I should update my Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300). Let me say that I have a few problems with my phone but I think they are minor. Also that last night I checked if there was a software update and surprisingly there was. I manually stopped it for certain reasons (battery about 60%, contacts and photos backed up in a 32 GB SD card) So here comes the questions!
    1. Since I have backed up contacts and photos in the SD card, should I also back them up in my pc? Will the update or a factory reset erase all data in the SD card? Or would it be wiser to remove the SD card and the Sim card before proceeding anything?
    2. Which way is safer to update my phone, via the device using wi-fi or via Kies?
    3. After a lot of reading what I understood was that if someone updates via the device-wifi it’s unavoidable-obligatory to factory reset before and after the update. If I update through Kies should I factory reset before and after the update? I mean, is it obligatory? If I don’t reset before how possible is it to have problems after the update?
    4. In case of a reset as I saw everything is lost, settings, apps, everything, even Google accounts! If Google accounts are erased then it simply means that I lose all the apps which were in “my apps” section in Play Store, right? Is there a way to back up the apps (and their settings if possible) which I have installed? Yes I have a lot of apps and yes I am not at all in mood to try to remember or write down which these apps are and search again for weeks in Play Store to find, install and set their settings.
    5. Is there a way to back up WhatsApp, Viber conversations, my messages and logs?
    A lot of questions, I know! But I will lose so many things if something goes wrong or if factory reset is obligatory that I really don’t know what to do, don’t know if it’s worth it! Hoping for a reply as soon as possible! Thanks in advance!

    • I understand that you have a few worries regarding your update. I’ll answer them the best I can.

      1. I have never heard of anyones SIM card or memory card being influenced in any way because of a software update. But why not remove them to be on the safe side. After all it is an easy thing to do.

      2. Officially I think they are not any different, but I have heard from several people that doing it via Wi-Fi is the safer route to take.

      3. I never had to reset my phone before or after updating my phone. This is something Samsung recommends, especially if you run into any kind of trouble.

      4. All of your apps and games will be erased from your phone, but it will not influence your Google account in any way. All you have to do is re log in to the google account before re downloading your apps and games. You will not have to buy them all over again if you paid for them.

      5. I don’t know.

      Hope this helps. BillyAnalog

  16. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I’ve been on the phone with Verizon for hours and visited the store to try to get the latest Android update with no success. I followed these directions, and it worked flawlessly! I feel like I have a new phone. Thanks again.

  17. Dear all
    I have other problem
    This one, regular methods to update sothware are not working for me…
    Together with my girlfriend, we bought S3 phones, the same day, the same network, the same wersion and even colour.

    One phone is updating the software automaticly and currently on Android 4,3 while the other one working under Android 4,1…

    Nothing is helping, even newest Kies, cable connection and manually pressed button “update”

    I turn to the TMobile UK shop where it was bought, and they also can not help…
    does anyone have other ideas please….?

    kind regards

    • I have the same exact issue with my phone and my husband’s….no update for me…..
      I’m guessing since this person is not answering multiple requests on this, they simply don’t know :(
      Really want the update!!

      • I have been told by Samsung to bring the phone to their Samsung Experience store and have them try to upgrade it . If that fails then I will have to send it back to Samsung and they will reflash the ROM and install the updated. Problem solved. I hope. My phone has not accepted any updates since Oct 2012. The ICE cream to jellybean, that one was the first & it didn’t work. I had to send the phone back them to do exactly what I described above

        • Nice. This goes to show that all is not lost if your phone fails to update. And thanks a lot for sharing this with all of us ” Saltyone “. That’s exactly what I would do with any problem if I ever came across a problem I could not solve myself.

  18. Blaine Britton says:

    I found this post very helpful. I had issues with my phone not installing the update from the phones gui. I was able to install the latest update via the kies option. Thanks for the post.

  19. need help i am from India….and still i haven’t got the new update……can any1 help me……if i install the latest android update via Odin will it effect the Samsung warranty

  20. when is the official release of the latest firmware of s3 here in philippines?

  21. still no release for 4.3 in south africa so it is time to root the phone and samsung can go to HELL!!

  22. Hi I am trying to update the firmware from KIES i am getting the message “GT I9300 does not support initialising” What does it means? How to update from KIES?

    My Device Details:
    Samsung Galaxy S3
    Current android version is 4.1.2
    Kies Version is version 2.6.1

  23. i also have some problem with my s3 unable to initialise upgrade firmware can i get some help

  24. I am in India .. and in my Samsung galaxy S3 there is a android version 4.1.2
    There is no OTA update in India for S3 .. how to I update my s3 to 4.3 or 4.4 ?

  25. A woeful blog post…please for the love of God take it down..so much wrong I don’t know where to begin

    • I find that kinda strange. I know a lot of people have found this article useful. If you would care to elaborate what is wrong in the tutorial I would gladly fix it.
      All the best Bertil @androidfact.com

  26. I am trying to update my S3 to version 4.3 using Kies but it won’t let me. It keeps telling me that my firmware is not supported to update through Kies. What does that mean?

  27. Hi, I m frm india and I have S3 , so how to update with new version.?

  28. Conrad Udemba says:

    Hi, I have tried using kies to no avail getting an update. Pls how can I download the update? My device(S2) is already rooted.

  29. Everybody that is carrier blocked for the update, start the phone without a SIM card and run the update precedure again. Success!

    • Thanks a lot for the heads up! If that works that is the single most excellent piece of advise anyone has ever given on this website.Thank you.

  30. I can”t fond my update for galaxy S3 GT i9300
    please help me find the way to update my galaxy S3
    best regards.

    • Jose Jalapeno says:

      Its for the T999L the S3 with 4G LTE not the international version.

      • Mee too i can’t update my s3 with the new software.. they said that i’ve installed the latest version.
        Please any help
        Thanks in advance

        • i am having the same problem……….i looks like everyone else who got the gt-i9300 got the update …..the kies says i got the latest firmware installed and is 4.1.2….i was thinking of installing the update with ODIN…..

  31. DONT!!! Avoid Kies like you avoid fat people. Use the update in the settings menu of your phone.

  32. Hello, when I try to set up Kies, it gets as far as ‘Evaluating Launch conditions’ and goes no further.

    Are you able to advise please?

    Thank you.

  33. I am from Australia, and I have a samsung s2 on the 4.0.3 icecream sandwich. My friend had the same phone, and just recently updates to the jelly bean, but my phone wont. I continuously check for updates everyday. but it always shows ‘no update available’. I have Kies on my laptop, and that doesnt even update my phone. Can someone please help me? I want jelly bean on my phone but i cant get it!

  34. Mohamed Montasser says:

    This sentence is written … and i can not update my device
    Your device’s current firmware version is not supported to update firmware via Kies.

  35. When I clicked the Firmware Upgrade and Initialization, it says that my GT-I9300 does not support initialising. What does it mean and what should I do about it? please help..

    • Hi Ana – did you ever find out how to update your firmware? My S3 is also giving me the error message “GT I300 does not support initializing” :(

  36. Do you know if the recent update gives you the multi window?

  37. I did everything that you said in the tutorial and when I go to update my phone it gets stuck at the “Downloading firmware upgrade components..” and it reaches 100%. Then Kies crashes and doesn’t finish the update

    • Keep waiting .. Don’t minimize the window or don’t click anything else . you’ll see Firmware upgrade progress … Downloading file for firmware upgrade of GALAXY S bla bla bla …

    • I downloaded Samsung Kies Air to my PC…connected my GS2 to my PC….Kies recognized my device. Went to upgrade firmware. It proceeded to download firmware upgrade components & when it finishes the program Kies closes after that’s complete. It does nothing else after “downloading firmware upgrade components” and my phone is not showing the upgraded OS. HELP

      • I have a Galaxy Note 1 and I’m having the same problem. Kies closes after it reaches 100% “downloading firmware upgrade components”. Please help!

  38. Rafiq Ahmed Chinoy says:

    I am using samsung galaxy siii 4.0 and my location is Ethiopia (Africa )
    At kis it shows new firm is available to download and when it completed the download some chines language shows in windows.
    And in my phone when I tryed to update it says phone is already uptodate
    Pls help

  39. Hi, I would like to know if there is an update from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 for the tmobile galaxy s3

  40. Alex Theodosiou says:

    Hi Ive got the Kies on my PC now and Ive connected my S3 to the PC, but its not doing anything and wont acknowledge the fact Ive connected the Can you help me please?!

    • I have just updated this tutorial with a way to ensure that your phone connects to your computer, check out number 5 in the article. Hope this helps.

  41. Alex Theodosiou says:

    Im just upoading Kies, I so hope this works! And Im glad Ive found you if I have any tech problems because Im rubbish!

  42. Any ideas if Android Jellybean 4.12 is available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 1747M in Canada (Telus)? Tried to update via Kies, but Kies says I have the latest firmware already.

  43. Any idea if Android 4.12 Jellybean is availabe for Samsung Galaxy SIII 1747M in Canada (Telus)? Looked in Kies and it said I have the latest Firmware, but…..?

  44. I trying to restore the backup I took of my S3 using Kies. After receiving it from repairs I have problems restoring the data (Repairs: Motherboard had to be replaced after repeated daily crashes)

    I backed up my S3 to my PC and can see the files (4+GB) but cannot restore the full backup since Kies Restore only shows the last backup as an option for restore.

    Is there anyway I can trick Kies into letting me choose the correct backup?

  45. I have a gt-i9305. Recently i had a notification that an update was ready for phone. This was an OAT notice. After updating i started have a problem with myphome disconnecting from cell service when it goes to sleep and wheni try to make a call andthe screen darkens when i put it up to my ear. I used kies to see if ihad a more recent update but it says i have the most recent firmware. I reupdated and initialized but the problem persists. Any ideas?

    • I would backup all my data and do a factory reset. I have made tutorials for this just search for it on my site. Best of luck.

  46. Ive updated my Samsung S3 via kies but my phone is still telling me that I have an update to install when I turn WiFi on. How do I solve this problem?

    • This means you can update you phone again to get the latest version. Or put in an other way, two updates where available for your phone. Go ahead and update it again.

  47. Hi
    What is the OTA?

  48. Hi! just like to ask, I’m already running with JB 4.1.2 for my samsung s3 and i just receive an update about 59.72mb. after the update I’ve checked the android version but it’s still 4.1.2 Do you whats the features of that update? thanks.

    • I recieved this one myself yesterday. I am not completely sure as to what it was but I have noticed a few improvements.
      1. The gallery loads quicker.
      2. In Android Chrome browser, time it takes to bring up the keyboard is significantly faster.
      3. The notification area icons now swooshes in from the left even though I have only got 5 shortcuts there. ( Sadly )

  49. I cannot get my S3 connected to Kies, it is asking me to input a password to my phone. I am very confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  50. if your s3 doesnt show updates please go to application manager in setting and go to google services framework and clear it and then try it may help you

  51. My phone is on 4.0.4. When I try to update from the phone, it says no updates available, even though I am connected to WiFi. On Kies it says current firmware PDA:LH1/…. The latest firmware is the same as the current firmware. For some reason, my phone seems to be stuck on that 4.0.4 version. In conclusion, I tried those ways and I could update my phone, is there any other way?

    • The only option left is to root and install an unofficial version. I would strongly advise against it though as you will loose your phones warranty.

      • Thank you. Do you know what might be the problem? could I reset the phone to it’s factory settings and try again?

        • You could try to do that but I doubt that it will help. I would simply wait a few weeks and try again. Oh and by the way you are not missing out on a lot…
          If you decide to reset remember to backup all the things that you have stored on your phone like photos and contacts :-)

      • if i install the latest version through odin……will i loose the phone warranty …..

  52. I have tried upgrading through OTA and now kies. But they say it is latest available firmware whereas i am running on 4.0.4.

    How can i get the update. Plz help

    • I also have the same problem. Got my S3 this dec and did some update OTA but my firmware remains ICS. (4.0.4) need help guys.

      • The only explanation I can think of is if your s3 is locked to a certain carrier that has not approved the update jet… In that case you will just have to wait for them to do so :-(

        • That sucks.. is it advisable to manually install JB or should i just wait for the update?

          • To manually install Jelly Bean in a way that does not entail using OTA or Kies you would have to root your phone and loose your phones warranty. Personally I would not chance it… But I know losts of people have done so succesfully. Hope this helps

        • I see.. Samsung Kies can identify if i have the latest OS right? if it can how can i update it using kies? Thanks a lot for you help.. :-)

      • Hi.. another question.. how do you install games from google play to your PC then transfer it to my s3?..

        • First of all Kies CAN detect what version of Android Os is running on your s3. As for your second question there is no official way of downloading games from Google play to your pc. I googled ” download apk from google play ” and found some solutions, but I do not know if they work as I have never tried to do so. What you can do that I have tried is surf around Google play on your pc and pick apps and games you want, the next time your phone is connected to either Wi-Fi or mobile data connection the games will automatically start downloading to your phone. Read this tutorial : http://androidfact.com/how-to-download-android-apps/ for the details.

        • Thanks for your help man.. :-) i hope the update JB for my S3 will be released soon. Great job in helping peeps with S3 issues.

        • Hi! Can i create a folder inside the gallery so i can separate pics from the dates they were taken? (S3) and also do you know how to transfer phone contacts from phone to SIM card? the options i see there is to transfer contacts to SD or USB device.. i can’t import my contacts to my SIM card.. thanks in advance..

          • you don’t have to. Go to your gallery and enter the camera folder. Now hit the menu button, that’s the one below the screen on the left side. Now select “group by” to select how you want your pictures grouped. As for your second question I’m not sure how to do that..

    • Same problem here..

  53. Very good , gets you up and running
    thanks for the hard work

  54. Dr Malik Adeel says:

    Your tutorial regarding the sumsumg jelly bean update was very helpful..
    thanks for the effort.. and keep it up the good work..

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