USB type C

If you are tired of fiddling with your cell phone charger cord to get your phone charged or connected to a computer, the reversible USB type C is here to end your sorrows.

In the early part of 2015 there is a big chance that manufacturers of cell phones, and other consumer electronics will start implementing the new and highly improved USB standard. This thing goes by the name of USB 3.1 type C, and is truly a giant leap in the direction of creating a universal plug for all your charging, connecting and transferring needs.

USB type C is reversible

It does not matter which way you insert the USB type C into your device. Image :

Set for an early 2015 release the new USB standard offers many other advantages than the fact it can be inserted either way.


If you ever felt that transferring files through a USB cable was slow you will be pleased to hear that the new standard doubles the transfer speed from 5 to 10 Gbps. Roughly this translates to transferring a 1GB file in one second. That is if your hard drive can handle writing data at that speed. Likely this new transfer speed is aimed at transferring 4K sound and images to your TV.


Power supply

For the quite some years now, USB has been the choice of manufacturers when powering cell phones, tablets, cameras and such. It was never really powerful enough to do much more. This is about to change though. The new type C fully supports USB 3.1 power output. This means it can deliver up to 5000 mA and 100 watts. Thats more than 20 times the watts USB 3.0 could ever deliver. Soon we could see TVs and PCs powered by USB type C.


Reversible USB plugs

This is by far the winning point for me. Countless nights I have been fiddling around in the dark, not even able to figure out which way was up and which was up, to charge my cell phone. I estimate that around 10 % of every night I was forced to turn on the lights to get things going.

This is how the USB 3.1 type C receptacle looks like

USB type C receptacle. Image


Backwards compatible

This is often the big one when it comes to introducing new technology to the masses. Just think about every time Sony or Microsoft announces that you won’t be able to play your old games on the newly announced console.

Thankfully you will be able to use the new and old standard interchangeably. You will of course need an adapter as the new type C is physically different from the old one.

USB type C adapter

USB type C adapter makes it interchangeable with older USB standards. Image

The Nokia N1 is the first device announced to ship with USB type C.


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2 thoughts on “USB type C

  1. It’s cool that you can plug it both sides but I don’t agree it’s “by far the winning point”. The winning point will the universal port in many different devices from other manufactures – however I am wondering if somthing is gonna change here. Actually, now we have universal port as well but some producers are realising devices with chargeable port, others with no-chargeable, some give us micro-usb, others mini-usb, a thera even special x-pins usb that are unique to some particular brands (I heard this about nokia). Also there was a rumour that EU is going to force the manufacturers to implement one standard of usb and charging port. Is that usb type C gonna be this one?

    • Yes, the EU will be forcing one kind of connector (2017 I guess). And it’s going to be usb-c :) Even the iPhone of 2016 is believed to have it

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