What is Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a game originally made for the iphone by developer Rovio. Later made available for other smartphones. It was released in 2009 and has since sold millions of copys.

So where can you get it

What’s it about
The game is about shooting a bunch of pigs with a slingshot using angry birds as ammunition. So why would you do this, well the pigs have stolen the birds eggs and you need to get them back. You can read a lot more about the game itself in this review of angry birds
Is it just a game
Oh no. It may have started out as just a game but today angry birds is a big business with a lot of franchises. Among many other things it has become a movie called angry birds Rio, A clothing line, plushy animals and speakers. You can get a lot of these things at Amazon.

Why is it so popular

I believe it is because it is the perfect kind of game for the small touch screen witch has become so popular the last couple of years. If you are walking around with a smartphone in your pocket it’s a big chance that you have got angry birds already, and if you don’t you can follow the links at the top of the article that corresponding with you platform. Be it android i phone windows or other.


Other angry birds games

After the original angry birds game there has been made two other games based on the angry birds, those are Angry birds Rio and Angry birds Seasons.


Looking for a walkthrough

If video walkthroughs is your thing a quick search on youtube for angry birds walkthrough will give you around 59000 results. If you are looking for a walkthrough without videos you can find one here : Angry birds walkthrough without videos

  1. Level-ografy
  • 1 Poached eggs
  • 2 Mighty hoax
  • 3 Danger above
  • 4 The big setup
  • 5 Ham ’em high
  • 6 Mine and Dine
  • 7 Birdday party
  • 8 Golden eggs
Are there other games like angry birds
In my opinion there is just one game that is similar enough and of the same high quality that can be compared to angry birds, and that is the game Bunny Shooter. It has the same kind of x factor that makes angry birds so good. So if you are waiting for Rovio to release more levels  for your phone, be sure to check it out.

check out page 2 for more or less fun facts about angry birds.

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