What is S Beam

When Samsung launched the new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy s 3 they also introduced a new piece of technology called S Beam.

What it is

The short explanation is that it is a way to transfer files between two phones with a minimum amount of hassle.

How it works

By putting two phones together back to back you can easily transfer files between them. First of all you need two Galaxy s3 devices because the s beam only works on this phone as of jet. Hopefully more phones will get support for this technology soon.


  • Put the phones back to back

    What is S beam

    Galaxy s3

  • Hold for a second until they pair
  • Tap the file you want to share
  • Accept the transfer on the receiving phone
  • As soon as the transfer is done you can use it on the receiving phone
The S Beam tech works in a similar way as the Android Beam introduced on the Galaxy Nexus introduced in 2011. Samsung has developed it it further and allows your phones to bond instantly. Utilizing NFC and Wi-Fi Direct the function has been made better and faster. The whole process is achieved using just one press on you phone. Samsung claims it is the fastest and easiest way to share content with friends.
How fast is is
In a best case scenario using the Wi-Fi Direct the Samsung Galaxy S 3 can achieve speeds up to 300Mbps.
The speed may wary though as interference from other sources will influence the maximum speed you can reach.
To summarize it is a way to transfer files between two phones in a easy way without the need for cumbersome and time consuming setup.
If it was helpful why not push the


To see what Samsung themselves says about the S Beam check out the video below from the press release event in London. Skip ahead to 0:26.30 to go directly to the part concerning S Beam


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7 thoughts on “What is S Beam

  1. Good article. Here is a blog post that goes into more detail and contrast the differences between S Beam and Android Beam. http://mostly-tech.com/2012/10/08/what-samsung-google-dont-tell-you-about-beaming/

  2. Wrong the HTC EVO 4g LTE has android beam and NFC and Wi-Fi and bluetooth…all of which shares files

  3. WiFi – (RF) radio waves
    Wireless printers use IR (infrared) – a single powerful beam of RF
    Apple uses Bluetooth – sends out weak radio signals to connect up to eight devices to each other within a range of about 10 feet
    Samsung uses S Beam (NFC & WiFi) NFC – short range Radio Frequency

    Same technology (radio waves) repackaged and different marketing techniques

    • I’m sorry, what’s your point?

    • Radio wave is not a technology, rather, it is physics, just a physical media for transmision.
      NFC, Bluetooth, Wifi, infrared, etc have huge differences between each others.
      Can you say digital TV, a PC and an air-con are the same technology because they all are using electrons?

  4. Galaxy S3 is therefore unique. Many people think that HTC One X is better. Yes it is, but only in case of camera. However, when it comes to sharing content via S-Beam, this facility is not available with the HTC gadget.

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