What is Samsung S Voice

Along with the launch of Samsung’s new Galaxy s 3, Samsung launched a new feature called S voiceIn short terms it is a voice recognition system for your Android phone witch lets you give verbal commands to your phone in stead of inputting what you want it to do by written commands on your screen.


What can it do

The first and most important thing you can tell your phone is to wake up. You do this by saying “Hi Galaxy”, or any other command you choose. This is also one thing that separates this piece of software the most from apples Siri, where you would have to push a button for the IPhone to be ready to receive verbal commands from the user.


One thing you can ask the phone is: “what’s the weather in Detroit” or any other city you would like to get the weather forecast for. And the galaxy s 3 will then tell you what the weather is in the location you have chosen.

Another example is that you can tell it to set an alarm. The phone will ask you what time you want the alarm to go of. You would then go on to tell it when you want it to ring. S voice will then go on to confirm the time and then set the alarm.

Next imagine you are driving your car and want to send a text message. This is in many countries prohibited by law. But S ‘voice can help. First tell it to text followed by who the text massage is to and then dictate the words you want the text to include. Example : “Text Janne I will be late for dinner, stuck in traffic, Love you!” Your phone will now send the message to your loved one without you having to take your hands of the steering wheel for a second. Or you could tell your phone to call Janne. This will prompt it to place a call for the contact Janne if you would like to tell her in person that you are late.

While being on the subject of cars what wold be more natural that to tell you a little about the “navigate” command that is build into galaxy s3’s list of commands. Simply tell you phone that you want to navigate somewhere followed by where you want to go. S Voice will fire up Google navigate and start leading you to your target. Another thing you could do is tell the phone to go in and out of driving mode. Another handy command if you are in your car you can tell your phone to play a particular song or artist simply by telling it to “listen to” followed the song or artist.

You can use S Voice to update your social media. As an excample you can tell it “Twitter update” When did I get so tall. The phone will then post, when did I get so tall to your twitter feed.

You can use it to get answers to simple questions like “what’s the population of New York city?.” You phone will then tell you that the answer to your question is 8 million and something.

A few other commands the S Voice will recognise is :

  • Search Contacts – “Look up Bob”
  • Memo  “Memo swing by the grocery store”
  • Schedule – “New Event Lunch with Morten and Marius July 1st at 8PM”
  • Task – “New task dig a trench”
  • Open App – “Open Facebook”
  • Search – “Search Androidomedia”
  • Record voice – “Record voice note to self,remember to pain the fence”
  • Timer – “Set timer for 8 minutes”


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2 thoughts on “What is Samsung S Voice

  1. Dorinda Hennings says:

    I just wanted to know if the Galaxy S4 also lets you text messages on facebook by voice command like siri does.

  2. […] S Voice. This is Samsung’s equivalent of Apples Siri. In short terms it is a voice recognition system for your Android phone witch lets you give verbal commands to your phone in stead of inputting what you want it to do by written commands on your screen. If you want to know more about it you should read this article about S Voice and it’s commands […]

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