Why Samsung is the company selling the most smartphones

In this article I will try to explain why we think Samsung is doing so much better than the competition. If you are a LG or HTC CEO or just in general over the average interested in smart phones you could do well reading this.

In general I would say that the success of Samsung may to some degree be down to good old luck. Mainly though I think Samsung has made some choices that has put them at the front of the pack. By taking some key important decisions they have managed to  be the best selling cell phone manufacturer for years.

Why samsung sells the most smart phones

Naming conventions.

Everyone likes to have the latest flagship model, no matter which brand you tend to favor. But take a moment to think about the fact that not all people really care if their phone is a Samsung, HTC, Motorola or whatever. They just care that their phone is the best of the best. By naming their flagship models in such a way that everyone can understand which model is the newest and best Samsung has managed to make it easy for the average Joe to understand. How difficult is it to understand which is the newest phone when they are called : Galaxy s, Galaxy s2, Galaxy s3, Galaxy s4, Galaxy s5 and so on.

You may say that I am rambling on about this, but I really think that it is an important point to be made. If you are not paying close attention it is a lot harder to stay on top of which phone is the best if a company just adds New to the old name. How are HTC going to differentiate the third HTC one from the previous two. “Really new HTC one” or “Brand new HTC one” sounds kinda silly to me. I’m not saying it’s a bad phone, just that Samsung has picked a better strategy when it comes to naming their phones.

I think HTC tried to differentiate the new one from the old one by slapping on the ( m8 ). The problem with this strategy is that most people was not aware the old one was named ( m7 ). It was always only referred to as “the HTC one”.

Gotta spend money to make money.

If you are like most people you think that advertising does not work on you. Sadly though in this case, most people are wrong. Do you really think companies would spend millions of dollars putting their name or product out there if they didn’t know that it worked. By spending many times over what the other companies spend on advertising, Samsung has put the Galaxy S brand on everyones mind.

According to the online wall street journal Samsung spent almost ten times what HTC spent on advertising in the US in 2012. I guess you would really have to be living under a rock to not be influenced by the $401 million Samsung spent to bring their name on everyone’s tongue.

Besides spending a vast amount of money Samsung has always been able to get great media coverage. Be it the war with Apple or one of the other strategies they have used to get publicity, you can’t live in this world for many days without hearing the companies name in one setting or another.

Something for everyones budget.

I’m not saying this is something that only Samsung does, but I think they do it to a larger extent than the competition. And not only are they making more different models than everyone else, they have started building brand awareness in their cheaper models as well. Last year they released the Galaxy Grand 2 and the Galaxy Ace 3.  If you bought the Galaxy Grand or the Galaxy Ace two I think there’s a good chance you are going to buy the next one if you liked the previous one.

Bigger screens.

A couple of times I have said to myself, I will never buy a cell phone with a bigger screen than the one I currently own. Every time I have uttered those words I have been  wrong.

Samsung has always been one of the companies that has been on the frontline when it comes to producing phones with big screens. Every time they bring a bigger phone to the table lots of people say: “it’s too big, no one will ever buy a phone that big”. And every time they were wrong. At the time of writing this article Samsung has sold millions of their Galaxy Note series phones or phablet if you like. What counts is that they are selling and making money doing so.

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One thought on “Why Samsung is the company selling the most smartphones

  1. Samsung sells the most phones due to market presence and advertising as well as the features of their high end phones . At the low to mid range their phones are really poor value next to the likes of Huawei or LG.This whole article boils down to the fact that Samsung just spend the most on advertising to build desirability rather than features or benefits.

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