Why you should buy an Android phone with a removable battery

Why you should care if your new Android phone has a removable battery or not.

In the last couple of years we have seen more and more phones made out of different kinds of metal ( mainly aluminium ). One of the main disadvantages to this is the fact that these phones for the most part has non removable batteries. Infact the only aluminium phone I can remember ever to have a removable battery was the now 5 year old HTC Legend. So it’s not like it can’t be done.

It would seem that phone manufacturers chooses to make these phones based on the public outcry for premium phones. The next time you make a comment on a forum or on someone’s website, take a moment to think about the negative sides to having a phone mainly built for the purpose of looking good.

Soon we will likely see the Samsung Galaxy S6 hit stores globally. Rumor has it that Samsung has gone for a full metal look for this phone. I know that there are a lot of people who care about their phones having removable batteries. Lets hope the loudness of that other crowd has not pressured Samsung into making a phone purely for those who want a “premium” looking phone.

replaceable battery advantages for cell phones

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and an extra battery pack

Here are the main reasons why you should get a phone with a removable battery.


  • If your phone is frozen.

A lot can be said about the advantages of modern day cell phones, but due to the complexity of the way they work they sometimes freezes. No matter what you do it simply won’t respond. The fastest and easiest fix for this problem is to remove the battery for a second. This way ,when you reenter the battery and boot your phone again it will most likely work like a charm again. If it does not you will most likely have to buy a new phone or have it sent to a service center.

  • Waterdamage.

The first thing you should do if your phone gets wet is to remove the battery. This way you will minimize the chances of your phone being ruined forever. If you can get the battery out before something shorts out you will be on the right track towards saving your phone. The next thing you should so is to put it in a bowl of dry rice for a few days. Through the miracle of osmosis, the rice will “pull” the water out of your phone.

  • Batteries deteriorates.

As your battery charges it slowly deteriorates. After a year or two your battery will most likely have lost much of it’s ability to retain that all important battery juice. If you got a phone with a replaceable battery you could simply buy a new one and replace it quite simply. If your battery is unreachable you will likely have to pay someone a lot of money to have it replaced or even more expensive option, buy a new phone.

  • Emergency battery

Lots of phones has power saving features built into their system. Some phones can actually last for weeks using these features. But it’s going to limit the way you interact with your phone. Most times these power saving modes will have you going without Wi-Fi and lots of other goodies we have come to take for granted. To prevent this from happening you could rather get a spare battery to get you through the day. Having a spare battery on a phone that has a non removable battery is … well useless.

  • Untraceable.

Supposed you would like to get of the grid for whatever reason, and you would like to bring your phone with your. Remove the battery. This way your phone will stop transmitting, due to the lack of power.


If you can think of any other advantages of having removable battery please share your knowledge with us in the comments section. It will be highly appreciated.

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I am the owner and main contributor to this website. Throughout the years I've owned an embarrassing number of Android phones. Too many to mention in fact. Lets just say it started with the HTC legend and I'm now on the Galaxy Note 4.

36 thoughts on “Why you should buy an Android phone with a removable battery

  1. There is real hypocrisy being displayed by our governments who are lecturing us all of the virtues of RECYCLING … Yet something as environmentally decadent as smartphones with non-removable batteries are allowed.

    This is the equivalent technology of a laptop yet made deliberately to be disposable, often with a shelf life of 2 years max. People who buy these phones are idiots!

    This is capitalism (inbuilt obsolescence) combined with the Ruling Class’s paranoid obsession with state surveillance (you can’t stop it spying on you when the battery can’t be removed).

    I would rather go without a smartphone than buy one with a non removable battery. The same goes for 3.5mm headphone jacks. These are also being phased out so that manufacturers can force us to buy their own ‘compatible’ headphones instead. It’s all about money…

    If there’s one thing that symbolises the downfall of humanity it’s discarded technology.

    This has been typed on a 4 year old Samsung Galaxy S3 using its third set of batteries – still working perfectly fine.

  2. A reason that this article overlooked is saving the environment by using a phone for 4-5 years (instead of the typical 2 years when one throws the old phone out and buys a new one).

    This is simply a ploy by manufacturers to force us to buy new phones. In recent years the improvement in chip power and display is marginal (and do not justify a new phone).

  3. Here is one extra advantage. If you drop a phone with a removable battery the batery will be thrown out consuming much of the kinetic energy of the fall protecting the phone. If the batery is fixed all the kinetic energy goes inside the phone in the form of vibrations that will probably fuck your phone. Gorilla glass is dumb.

  4. I found this site by googling “planned obsolescence” and non removable battery. To me, it does seem like the phone industry is using the battery as a way to force the user to upgrade their phone every 2 years. This is ridiculous! Now LG has gone the “water proof” way with the LG G6, I wasn’t going to buy another LG anyways with the fiasco of the G4 not being made right and all of the sudden it just stops working. (Something to do with the processor not being mounted right)

    I still think the “water proofing” is an excuse to make it sealed so the battery can’t be changed. The manufacturer can say “See? We’re trying to make it last longer and will prevent damage when (assuming it will happen) the user drops it in water”. I can say, hand on heart, I’ve never dropped my cell into water, and I’ve been using smart phones for over 10 years. If someone does drop it into water, they don’t deserve to have one, because obviously they are an incompetent fool. And deserve to have to pay for a new one. (Maybe that would encourage them to be more CAREFUL)

    How can a person find a non-bootloader locked, rootable, changeable battery, with an external SD card? I don’t think there IS one now! WTF?!?!?

    I’m going to have to resort to getting one of those cases that includes a battery and hopefully an external SD card slot.

    Rant Over.

  5. One more thing I do is charge my batteries in external battery chargers….it just feels safer this way….and it also feels good to rest my batteries from continuous use cycles…and so it is good to have some spare batteries…
    When time comes to part with the phone you would just buy a new battery and pass it on or sell it on…
    If I were to buy a used/second hand phone it will never ever be an iPhone and from now onwards not even an android phone with sealed up batteris. ..even my tablets ….I first learnt to remove batteries on YouTube and then I bought the appropriate tablet…mostly Samsung ….but I would never buy an ipad….
    If these manufacturers try to take the human race for a ride…and remember that there are more than seven billion of us…then they might find that other manufacturers will emerge …or they will hit some buffers via new consumer rights….if they think that phones are disposable after only a couple of years of use and still cost the earth then they will only sell these things to foolish people and to the very affluent for whom phones are a fashion item ….which will never be the case for the sensible majority….
    And how about this amazing selling factor….WATERPROOFING ….as is we will need these phones when we go to the bathroom
    OR for when we go to ATLANTIS for the once a yearly underwater retreat.
    It would be OK to sell to the affluent market but think of the people who require removable batteries in their phones…state of the art should also apply to the good design ethics….and journalists who write about new phone products should never sell their souls just to be in the good books of the phone makers.
    Now even LG is most likely sealing up the battery in their new LG G6…..that is a sad state of affairs

  6. I will not buy a phone without a removable battery. I carry a spare charged battery with me at all times. Why would I want to spend $500 for a new phone instead of $20 for a new battery? Companies will continue to make phones without removable batteries as long as people are foolish enough to buy them.

  7. Airport and hiking.
    Love my Note 3 and being able to change the battery. In the airport with layovers I can do a 5 second swap of my battery.
    When hiking and camping I use a my phone for pictures and gps. Again quick change of battery makes sure I do not miss anything

  8. Look what recently happened to non removable battery Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones expolding along with many iPhone catching fire as well. We have to put pressure on phone manufacturers to give us the features we want not ways for them to make more money by excluding features like a removable battery!

    • never heared about q iphone catching in fire… on a iphone 4 long time ago when cgared with a fake charger.. the Samsung note 7 are exploding when charging with its charger ..

    • Agreed….and building phones as good as the Note 7 is possible if the designers were allowed to make them with removable batteries….industrial desigers can do quite a lot if allowed to …and still allow for removable batteries….I have my Notes 3 and 4 and I will not part with them for as long as it is necessary….not until I can buy a new phone with a removable battery….
      I am that stupid….

  9. Another serious issue (which have happened in my country with Samsungs and iPhones) is that the battery expands and might explode over time. Apple have actually described this as completely normal. I have an HTC M8s, which gets incredibly hot during heavy use, and this is a worry as I love the phone and wish I could keep it forever.

  10. I will not buy a phone without a removable battery. I will buy used ones instead.
    Reason, I do not own apple products.

  11. I will buy used phones before I buy one that you can not replace the battery, yourself.

    I do not buy Apples products for the same reasons.

  12. Ya’ll should get LG phones, LG g4, g5, v10 are all removable batt phones

  13. Modern phones with a sealed battery are made to show off at parties. To run out of battery in the middle of a working day is (to me) utterly unprofessional. I won’t buy a phone that I can’t carry a spare battery, no matter how “smart” it might be in other ways. I know there are workarounds like the phone case that incorporates a battery, but they make a phone into the size of a paving brick (brings back memories of my very first mobile phone). Why should I need a workaround?

  14. The worst part is that the replacement costs are heavy when touch ceases to work coz of small scratches or cracks, display too since they come as one.

    I had to shell out 5k twice for a SONY XPERIA Z touch issue. That definitely sucks your money!!

    • Serv Center guys claim almost all phones are touch cum display these days.. crazy ideas that rips your money

  15. I am now thinking of buying a 6-inch smart phone with a removable battery. I have never had a smart phone with non-removable batteries yet as I do find it easy to make it work again when it stalls/hangs up. I just need to remove the battery and reenter it again and boot it. Easy right? I read some articles in internet that Samsung manufacturer has launched Samsung galaxy A9 and Samsung Galaxy A9 pro and have read their specs as well. I do like all their specs but what I have found kinda disappointing was that their batteries are all non-removable. Whew ! What a pity.

  16. In the airport all day, hiking using gps, or driving cross country. All these situations I have switched out my battery in 5 seconds for a fresh one and good to go for many more hours. I love my Samsung, but the next phone will have a switchable battery

  17. If a phone doesn’t have removable battery. I won’t buy it. Period. Nokia is a famous phone company. When they are still on top sale, no one tell them their phone aren’t “premium” that time. They always made removable, no one complain.
    Recent Samsung phones is a clumsy copy of iMad people, use phone as a fashion decorative item like their jewelry, despite iPhone 6 plus freezing all the time and don’t dare to complain in public. With my Samsung Galaxy S5, I never experience freezing or lost all contact list every time upgarding iOS. (It’s happen with iphone since iPhone4 still Apple can not fix that issue) . In case of freezing, removable battery phone is a champion (is it not “premium” feature?). Samsung S5 is removable battery, water resistance, have SD card slot. For me it’s premium. My daughter has Samsung Note 4 Removable battery (unfortunately, non-water resistance feature like S5). We love them.

  18. Tony Dolphin says:

    When my car battery goes dead do I throw my car away. Case over

    Tony Dolphin

  19. Any manufacturer that claims to be producing a truly “premium” smartphone with its accompanying “premium” pricing has to have both a removable battery and SD card slot. Lacking either or both features means the device is not premium, period. “Flash and sizzle” can get one only so far, then the “steak” has to be there–if not, pooof.


  21. Resale, the biggest advantage of a user replaceable battery. Want to upgrade your phone, what happens when everyone knows that it is at the end of it’s battery life, that cost of replacing the battery will come off the resale price.
    Tell them you just did it, no one will believe you. With a user replaceable phone that means dropping $20 to $30 dollars on the price, embedded phone $150 – $200 gone.
    Fixed batteries is all about killing resale, nothing more than that.

  22. I’m trying to find a small android phone with a removable battery that doesn’t compromise on specs.

    I hate big phones and non removable batteries. But it seems that manufacturers are making bigger and bigger phones with non removable batteries.

    I do wonder, in the back of my mind, if manufacturers are being pressured to make unibody phones. We all know that smartphones are a useful tool of the Surveillance State… If you can take your battery out of your smartphone, they can’t spy on you anymore… Could the likes of the NSA etc be putting pressure on smartphone manufacturers to make only unibody phones?

    • I agree with Ella, I want a small smartphone with a removable battery but with decent specs.

      Your comment about the surveillance states makes sense.

    • Try samsung galaxy 5301
      I have it right now because i hate giant smartphones too because i cant place them in my pocket and also they have so much battery uses!
      that,s small and also with good equipments.
      I bought it 3 years ago.i think there are small smartphones with better equipments right now.you can search them too!

    • I Think J2 is what you are looking for.

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