X Construction Review

Ever think it could be this much fun building a bridge

This Android  physics game is one of my favorites.

you have to build a bridge for the train and then you pray that it will hold.

several factors play a part this for instance the weight of the train and how you have placed your girders

  • Genre : Brain and Puzzle
  • Developer : CrossConstruct
  • Players : 1 Player
  • Online : No
  • Version reviewed : 1.03
  • Size : 1.98KB


X Construction has no story whatsoever, you just build and hope that the train can make it over.


Compared to many of the new HD and 3D titles on the market the graphics of this game is not impressive,

but then again a game don’t necessarily need that to work as a game.


Not impressive but it works


You place the girders using your fingers on your screen as we have become accustomed to now.  A bit fiddly on a small screen but it works.


Game play

The game is all about making a strong enough bridge for a train to pass over it.

Sounds simple enough and it is but it doesn’t even begin to explain how exiting it is to see
that train closing the gap to your bridge and then hopefully crossing over it.

This is the kind of game that will make you bite your nails.

Buy or not



  • Graphics – 6/10
  • Sound/Music – 7/10
  • Controls – 7/10
  • Gameplay 10/10
  • Replay Value – 10/10

Final Score

  • 10/10
  • Sometimes somethings are greater than the sum of its parts, and with X Construction this is the case and also why I gave it a perfect 10.

Check out our X Construction walkthrough
Or take me to video walkthrough for x construction

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