Xperia Z1 screenshot

How to screenshot on the Sony Xperia Z1.

In my opinion, one of the greatest things we have gotten since the world started seeing smart phones is when someone really bright thought to himself. Why can’t we do screenshots on our phones ?

Since the introduction of this smart feature it has become easier to share with just about anyone what goes on on our cell phones screen. Sony is not the only company that supplies this feature. At first all the big cell phone manufacturers like HTC and Samsung gave it’s premium cell phone buyers this ability. Nowadays just about any phone can do this.

How to screenshot on Sony Xperia Z1

This is how to screenshot on the Xperia Z1.

  1. Press and hold the power button and the volume down button.
  2. That is all. Just remember you need to press them at the same time and hold them pressed for a second or two.
  3. If this was useful why not press the

Once the screen has been captured your screen will flash and the image will be placed in your gallery. To check it out simply go to your gallery or pull down the notification area and press the thumb that hes been placed there.

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38 thoughts on “Xperia Z1 screenshot

  1. Any other options without using power button… Cos due to some reasons my mobile power button isn’t working… Pls help

  2. Sorry for being a plonker, I but “album” but not gallery….took shot but how to retrieve and email on?

  3. Thanks for the help….=)

  4. venomjamaica says:

    This works perfectly thank you very much. I was about to search for an app. Big up and much respect.

  5. Instructions correct, but not clear enough. Don’t press centre of volume button – has no effect. Press bottom of volume button (i.e. “volume down”).

  6. Bob John Billy Nelson(one person) says:

    This Works, how dang hard can it be to follow instructions?

  7. EJAZ AKHTER says:

    Always shown on the up side NEW SYSTEM UPDATE AVAILABE
    i already update also this show any one replay me

  8. Hi. I’m just wondering. Can we take a screenshot when the device in locked mode ?
    Thanks !

  9. I have the Z1s & I tried to screenshot pressing the power & volume button at the same time & of course it did not work. I then tried pressing just the power button & it worked!!

  10. It’s very easy with the cover off but not so with it on, resulting in shut down. Must surely be a simpler way for cover users? My long press of the power button shows no ‘Take Screenshot’ option for some reason (just Power Off and Airplane Mode) and only had my Z1 for a few weeks, is there a setting somewhere that I can add it? Thanks.

  11. Works fine… what is it with all these people who can’t press a couple of buttons without a problem?

  12. This first time I tried, I pushed on the volume button as if I was turning it up. My phone shut off haha. So the second time, I pushed as if I was turning it down and it worked just fine!

  13. Worked perfectly, thank you.

  14. It Worked perfectly for me, thanks mate

  15. press the 2 button at the same time ^^ press together :p it will work! i promise –

  16. press the 2 buttom at the same time ^^ press together :p
    it will work! i promise :)

  17. bulllllllshiiiiiiiit says:

    bullshit. thanks for making me turn my phone off 5 times in a row…
    great help/0

  18. Works great! Thanks!

  19. You have to press them at the same time and then hold them until the screen flashes. Holding the buttons down is the tricky part as I was pushing them in then releasing them.

  20. It works I had to use my nails with the cover I have on. It took quite a few tries

  21. Worked out fine. Thanks

  22. Stephen Ainsworth says:

    I’m afraid this doesn’t work either, just tried :(

  23. I can confirm that this works, you just have to push both buttons at the exact same time.

  24. Site should be called Android Bullshit. Does not work

    • Couldn’t you follow simple steps? Even my grandmother could do it but not you.
      For guys like you, Hold power button and select ‘Take screenshot’ from the options.

      • It doesn’t work. Full stop.

        • I think it depends on the version of Android you’re using. I’ve just moved up to 4.4.2 and the option is there if you press the power button. That option wasn’t there before.

        • Works exactly as Fish said,, with v 4.4.2 the option is there in the power off mode to take screenshot,, I found this info most useful,, but fail to see why there are those who have to ridicule some who are having a problem getting their device to work,, try a little understanding if u instead of your holier than thou attitude which btw, you arent !

    • It is working, but hard, I preso 6th times only success.

  25. great. I did. thank you very much

  26. Kristie Colburn says:

    Hi, I have recently purchased Sony Xperia z1 and I can’t screenshot with how you have explained please help

  27. William Mckibben says:

    Thanks for your help with my query.

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